The competition for a spot in the finals intensifies

Apr 30, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – In the competitive semifinal stage of the Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference, statistics and past performance will mean nothing. Chery Tiggo and Creamline may have a little psychological advantage over Choco Mucho and Petro Gazz.

Due to the high level of tension and importance of every point in the single-round semifinal stage, poise will be required in both of these matches. During the weekend break, teams improved their communication and adjusted their offensive and defense.

Because of this, the competition to advance to the finals is even more thrilling and competitive when the Cool Smashers and Flying Titans square off at 4 p.m. The Angels and Crossovers square off at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. prior to the anticipated overflow audience at Pasig’s Philsports Arena.

Coaches will probably use surprise to throw off their opponents’ plans, depending on their starting lineups to get out to a fast start and their bench to keep starters fresh over long games.

Each side showed a combination of focus and dedication in their respective build-up to the semifinals through their strategy and attitudes.

Not only was her offensive ability praised, though; she also made some fantastic defensive plays, with nine superb catches and eight flawless digs.

Minowa maintains his integrity in his appraisal, noting that Lacsina’s path to excellence necessitates persistent attention and steady constancy despite the accolades.

“There are times when beneficial purposes are sometimes bad, she’s still young and I completely understood because younger athletes are like that,” he observed.

Furthermore, Lacsina’s quest for her goals required self-belief, which Minowa underscored, drawing on his abundance of knowledge and wisdom.

“Ideally, she is able to comprehend how much capability she has. The woman can do something. Pass, which stands for dig, attack, block, I’m betting she understands her potential,” he said.

For Lacsina, the path to fulfilling her aspirations of playing overseas is still an ongoing one.

Meanwhile MJ Phillips provides Petro Gazz with a timely boost

With the 2024 Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference coming to a close, the Petro Gazz Angels had a seismic boost right before the finish.

The team’s win was so tremendous that it echoed throughout the Philsports Arena that the squad’s veteran middle blocker, MJ Phillips, returned with rejuvenated energy.

Following a period of inactivity, Phillips made a spectacular return to the court and quickly established herself. She proved to be the Angels’ ray of hope in a suspenseful match against Nxled, making crucial plays that sealed a painful 22 to 25, 25 to 23, 25 to 22 triumph.

Her stat line, which included nine hits, a block, and an ace, said it all: 11 points.

After Phillips returned, Petro Gazz reached unprecedented heights and won the top spot in the 2019 Reinforced Conference for the first time since their heyday.

The Angels were a dangerous team headed for postseason glory, with a dominant 9 to 2 record and a league-high 28 points.

For Phillips, getting back to the field was more than simply a personal victory; it was an essential step toward aligning with the dynamics of the squad under the guidance of Japanese head instructor Koji Tsuzurabara.

The former PVL Best Middle Blocker discussed her comeback performance and stressed the importance of the elimination round’s last game as a vital practice to get back acquainted with the team’s rhythm and tactics.

Petro Gazz’s playoff trajectory took a fortunate turn with her comeback.

With her previous experience with the Gwangju AI Peppers, Phillips was relieved of any upcoming obligations to the Korean V-League Asian Quota Combination. As a result, she was able to devote all of her attention to igniting the Angels’ postseason campaign with utmost determination.

Phillips was full of hope but tempered with steely resolve as the playoffs approached.
Anticipating the difficult round-robin semifinal matchup with Chery Tiggo without the powerful Mylene Paat present, she emphasized the team’s resolve to overcome their recent lackluster performance and become unstoppable competitors.

“It’s been a time of adjustment but we’re finally getting into our groove. Our focus might have fluctuated today, but come the semi-finals, we’re going to regroup and unleash our full potential,” stated Phillips.

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