Gandler and Nisperos have outstanding performances for Alas

May 27, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – Vanie Gandler and Faith Nisperos, two well-known players from Ateneo de Manila University, gathered on the court on Saturday, this time for the Alas Pilipinas Women in the 2024 AVC Challenge Cup.

The reunion between supporters and the Philippine squad created a frenzy of enthusiasm and nostalgia that led to one of the most exciting games of the 2024 AVC Challenge Cup. The match versus Iran turned out to be the ideal platform for Gandler to come out of the background and take center stage.

Gandler had largely been recognized up to this crucial match for her job as a service expert, often providing crucial moments but not often taking charge of the court.

But this game was her debut, and she took full advantage of the chance. Gandler earned nine vital points, displaying her talent and tenacity, greatly enhancing the team’s success. Her remarkable total demonstrated her adaptability and persistence, including eight powerful assaults and a pinpoint service ace.

The crowd exploded in a flurry of cheers and congratulations as the final whistle blew, marking the Philippine team’s decisive triumph. In the middle of the celebration, Gandler stayed humble and focused her compliments on the group.

She emphasized the teamwork and tenacity of every participant, giving special recognition to the reserve players who gave steadfast strength and support throughout the tournament.

Her remarks struck a deep chord, highlighting the importance of togetherness and collaboration. A key lesson was reinforced by Gandler’s performance and remarks that followed: in the realm of competitive sports, each player’s input matters and success is a team effort. In addition to being a turning moment in the competition, this game honored the spirit of cooperation and solidarity among teammates that propels sports teams to success.

Because it’s a competition where we play every day and they get fatigued too, I’m just extremely delighted to be able to support the team and Eya,” Gandler added.

The 23-year-old Cignal sensation said, “I know that our role as second-stringers is very important so that they get enough rest, so that everyone is strong, especially coming into the semis.”

In the meantime, Nisperos became noticeable in the game’s later phases. The crowd erupted in resounding applause upon her arrival into the ring, even though she had been sidelined in the prior battles.

The crowd erupted in resounding applause upon her arrival into the ring, even though she had been sidelined in the prior battles.

Nisperos delivered the decisive strokes with typical tenacity, earning the win for Alas Pilipinas with a magnificent down-the-line spike and a crisp cross-court shot that sent the home crowd into a frenzy of celebration.

Every chance Nisperos gets to compete serves as evidence of her unrelenting dedication to her teammates, coaches, and nation.

“Of course I do everything with every chance I can get, so when I am entered I can think it is for my teammates, for my coaches, for the people that I will fight,” said the 24-year-old batter for Akari.

“We’re in our home court so I can really feel the support of the whole town, the fans are very wild so it’s really heartwarming,” she said.

The friendship that was developed between Gandler and Nisperos on the Ateneo courts has now grown into a strong alliance inside the national squad.

Their transformation from college roommates to legendary volleyball players in the Philippines is evidence of their commitment to and love for the game.

Fueled by the overwhelming support of the devoted Filipinos, they are prepared to face any obstacle in their path and have their sights set on success.

According to Gandler, “I’m happy to be playing with Faith again on the court. We played in college, now on the national team, so it feels great, of course.”

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