Two arrested Men for trespassing in the Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace Game in Singapore assist the police in the ongoing investigation

Jul 19, 2022

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Two men are assisting the police with investigations after jumping the barricade surrounding the pitch at the National Stadium following a football match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace on Friday (Jul 15).

The incident took place after the trophy presentation, as the Reds took a victory lap around the pitch to applaud their supporters.

The two men, who were both wearing Liverpool jerseys, jumped over the advertising barricades one after another.

The first man was able to evade security personnel for a few minutes before he was eventually apprehended. The second tripped and fell in front of the Liverpool team as he leaped over the barrier. He was immediately stopped by security.

In response to queries to inquiry, the police said that they received a call for assistance at 1 Stadium Drive on Friday.

“Two men, aged 17 and 41, will be assisting in investigations for the offence of wilful trespass under Section 21(1) of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act 1906,” added the spokesperson.

This offence carries a maximum fine of S$1,000.

Premier League clubs Liverpool and Crystal Palace were in Singapore for the Standard Chartered Singapore Trophy-friendly match as part of their pre-season tours.

Liverpool won the match 2-0.

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