FIBA 2024: Gilas’s’ Sixth Man’ provides fresh

Feb 26, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – The coach of the Philippine men’s basketball team, Tim Cone, expressed gratitude to the ever-supportive Filipino basketball supporters for their outstanding assistance during the squad’s inaugural game on Thursday in the FIBA Asia Cup qualifiers versus Hong Kong.

Coach Tim Cone’s strategic thinking was important in gauging the influence of the fervent Filipino supporters at Tsuen Wan Stadium during the exciting match between Gilas Pilipinas and the host country. Cone noted that Gilas had a big edge in the second half of the game because of the passionate cheers from the spectators.

Expressing gratitude for the support, Cone acknowledged the role of the Filipino crowd in propelling the team forward. He noted, “We were fortunate to get a run and take it through. Our crowd helped us gain some momentum.”

The turning point occurred in the third quarter, where Gilas orchestrated an impressive 10-0 run, led by the dynamic duo of Kai Sotto and Justin Brownlee. This surge not only energized the team but also opened up a substantial lead, with Gilas emerging victorious with a final score of 63-45.

The first half of the game was a closely contested battle, with the Filipinos holding a narrow 41-37 edge. However, it was the electrifying performance in the third quarter, fueled by the fervor of the Filipino fans, that propelled Gilas to a commanding position and ultimately secured their triumph.

Cone’s astute observation of the impact of the crowd’s support highlights the unique role that fans play in the dynamics of a basketball match. The energy and encouragement from the stands not only boost the morale of the players but also contribute significantly to the team’s performance on the court. As Gilas Pilipinas continues its journey, the unwavering support from the passionate Filipino fans remains a potent force, capable of influencing the outcomes of crucial moments in the game.

Coach Tim Cone emphasized the pivotal role played by the passionate supporters of Gilas Pilipinas in the team’s significant victory. Reflecting on the enthusiastic fan base that has consistently accompanied the team, Cone acknowledged the tremendous advantage that comes with having a dedicated crowd.

The seasoned coach highlighted the team’s ability to travel well and the consistent presence of fervent supporters in various tournaments, including the World Cup. Cone recognized the loyal fans as a substantial asset, providing Gilas with a distinct advantage over other teams. He attributed a portion of the success against the host nation to the overwhelming support from the stands at Tsuen Wan Stadium.

Expressing gratitude for the fans’ dedication, Cone acknowledged the sacrifices made by supporters who invested their hard-earned money to witness the game. The coach recognized the impact of the roaring crowd, noting that it served as a catalyst for the team’s remarkable performance in the second half. The heightened energy from the fans elevated the players’ spirits, resulting in a series of beautiful plays and a crucial momentum shift, ultimately leading to a decisive victory in the third quarter.

In essence, Cone emphasized that the synergy between the players and their passionate supporters is a powerful force that not only boosts morale but also plays a tangible role in shaping the team’s performance on the court. As Gilas Pilipinas continues its journey, the unwavering support from the stands remains an invaluable asset, contributing to the team’s resilience and success on the international stage.

When Gilas faces Chinese Taipei in the Philsports Arena for its second and final game in the opening window of the Asia Cup qualifications on Sunday, it will once again be welcomed back into the warm embrace of Filipino cage fans, having left the nation on Friday.

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