John McEnroe Backs Emma Raducanu’s Us Open Chances

Jul 25, 2022

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Three-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroe expresses great faith in Emma Raducanu’s abilities, saying that the teenage star can go on to do great things.

Speaking to the media at an event to promote his new biopic, McEnroe said: “Don’t ask if Raducanu is going to be a good player because she is already a great player.”

“No one wins a major if they are not a great player and hopefully, she has belief, but a lot has changed for her since then.”

McEnroe does not pay attention to Raducanu’s critics. He hasn’t met her yet, but admits that he is a fan and hopes that he gets the chance to do so soon.

“I”m not close to her. In fact. As a matter of fact, I’ve never spoken to her. I hope to have the opportunity soon because she is obviously a breath of fresh air. She is a very sweet girl, a beautiful girl and plays great tennis. What’s not to like?”

Raducanu has failed to reach the heights of her US Open win last year. She is also struggling with injuries.

“It has been hard to watch her struggling. But I don’t know if she needs time. She needs the right stability and people around her and I don’t know what’s going on there,” McEnroe said.

“You don’t go through a tournament where you don’t lose a single set and beat some of the top female players and not be a great player.”

Raducanu cited that the British media has critiqued her too harshly for someone of her age who has won a Slam. McEnroe can relate to her sentiments.

“I got this to a fairly significant degree in the late 1970s and early 80s and it got to the stage that I thought if I ever win Wimbledon I’m never coming back, to hell with these people,” he said.

“It so happened when I won it the first time that I felt I could fly out of the stadium because the high was so great and I thought maybe I want to come back.”

“It may be worse for her [Raducanu] because she is living it day in, day out. But I am pulling for her. We all are. Maybe she can use that to her advantage somehow.” 

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