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World Cup Predictions: Who will win the World Cup, who will get the Golden Boot, and which major side will falter?

Nov 20, 2022

The most contentious World Cup yet to be held is in Qatar in 2022, but it also might be the most unpredictable.

Since 2002, European teams have won every competition; the trophies have been split between Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. However, there are growing hopes in Argentina and Brazil that one of the two South American superpowers will win a championship once more.

There are plenty more side stories to keep us interested, such as whether Harry Kane will become the first player to win two Golden Boots. Has Denmark taken Turkey’s spot as the public’s favorite underdog? And which young person will seize the moment?

Winner: Argentina

It’s Messi’s final World Cup, and they have the longest unbeaten streak in international football. They also demolished Italy in the Finalissima. The competition’s 20-year trend is the only thing in debate. 

Europe keeps passing the World Cup around. Luis Enrique, the coach of Spain, claims to be the best manager of a national team in history. Everyone wants to see him do this, especially because he will be updating us frequently on Twitch throughout the competition.

The group that will shock everyone

Everyone here would probably name Denmark, a team that England had to beat in extra time in a home-court semifinal matchup for the European Championship. staying with Ecuador despite Potter. 

Though Doha is certainly not at the same altitude, they managed to hold Brazil and Argentina to draws in Quito and Guayaquil. I’m Moises Caicedo. This is Pervis Estupinan. They receive my vote since they have a man named Djorkaeff por el amor de Dios. WE ARE ECUADOR.

The group that will fall short

Since Brazil in 1962, no team has successfully defended the World Cup, and the defending champions always lose in the group stage. In all seriousness, I have a feeling that France will defy this trend even without Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante.

For goodness’ sake, they defeated Spain in the most recent Nations League championship, and we all know that the Nations League was created to forecast the World Cup champions.

Promising young athlete

The young center defender for Benfica, Antonio Silva, has been terrific this year, but Pepe still has a chance to play because of his age and recent injury issues. 

However, no one brings up defenders. On his best day, his fellow countryman Rafael Leao, the current Serie A MVP, can outpace opponents like Kylian Mbappe. It’s between him and Cody Gakpo, whose hat trick against Qatar will undoubtedly cause Premier League Twitter to implode.

Golden Boot winner

Although Lautaro Martinez can be inconsistent, he is in good shape as he travels to Qatar. 

He was the leading scorer for Argentina in qualification and makes his front-line teammates perform at their peak. It will be Messi, assuming Argentina doesn’t lose to France or Denmark in the opening round.

The must watch game

Any match involving Mehdi Taremi of Iran. He possesses a trait They adore in a striker: the capacity to rile up defenders and pundits. The controversy frequently overshadows the player’s brilliance due to a dive here or a sly penalty there. 

Taremi stunned England or the US by scoring five goals in the Champions’ League group stage.

Apart from that, it will be the moment when Messi and Ronaldo’s World Cup legacies are decided. The Euros were won by one. The Copa America has been won by the other. 

Their final World Cup is now. Messi enters with the stronger shot. It’s another differentiator if he wins it (as if one were necessary). If not this season, then the following, Messi will likely surpass Ronaldo’s record for most Champions League goals scored.

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