Spurs Displeased, “Tottenham support can be better”

Nov 8, 2022

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TOTTENHAM, England – Spurs fans should be thrilled, many analysts say, as their team is trounced 2 to 1 at home by Liverpool and moves eight points behind Premier League leaders Arsenal.

Tottenham fans should be supporting Antonio Conte and his squad more, and their seeming discontent has been brought on by Arsenal’s dominant start to the season.

As a result of their 2 to 1 loss to Liverpool at home on Super Sunday, Tottenham fell eight points behind their North London rivals. Parts of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium crowd were vocal throughout the game, especially at halftime when Spurs were behind 2 to 0.

This season, Conte’s team has already fallen to Newcastle, Manchester United, and Arsenal

“Their issue is made worse by the fact that the team nearby is prospering and is thought to play an alluring kind of football, which only serves to exacerbate their predicament.

“Both the manager and the players that Spurs have are excellent, in my opinion.

“They’ll be successful. Gently, slowly, don’t be critical, let the team develop, and give them your support.

The audience is demanding and feels like they should have more support, but I believe if Arsenal were below them, they wouldn’t be making the same noises.

Gary Neville continues to believe the Spurs will finish in the top four this season despite some fans’ distaste for Conte’s allegedly pragmatic style of play.

Neville countered, “Just because of the management. “He is successful.

“Conte’s football, however, will always have that underlying feeling that it isn’t quite what you want to see. Although there has always been a demand for style at Tottenham, I hope they do decide to stick with him for three or four years.”

Jamie Carragher, a fellow Sky Sports commentator, chimed in on the discussion by tweeting: “Antonio Conte won’t change, he has had great success in his career with his system/tactics. You know what you’re getting when he comes, so blame (Daniel) Levy if you’re not satisfied. Got Spurs top 4, last 16 CL & in the top 4 right now. Defenders & goalie are not at the best

Next Saturday’s matchup at home between Tottenham and Leeds United will be their last league match before the Premier League is suspended for the winter World Cup.

Booing leaves Conte “disappointed”

The booing that the home supporters sent out when the halftime whistle sounded was described by Conte as “disappointing.” Conte said, “First of all, I think we have to show tremendous respect for our fans in every situation because they are our fans, and they pay for the tickets. However, if you ask me whether I was a little unhappy, then absolutely.”

I don’t see another way to accomplish it; nevertheless, I can’t promise to win trophies for our supporters at this time since we are still far from doing it. “When you start a process, you need time and patience. If we understand this time and patience, everyone is ok. Otherwise, we can lose the passion, the enthusiasm. It will then be advantageous if it does happen. We are a long way from other teams that are accustomed to winning and have a good team, so I keep asking for time and patience.

In his final statement, Conte said, “The passion, the enthusiasm is my fuel and I need to have this, this is very, very essential for me.”

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