Premier League 2022 Insights into Week 8

Sep 23, 2022

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LONDON, England – It has been more than a couple of weeks into the league, 8 in fact, and after a series of games and events including the Queen’s passing, here are some laid out insights to help you spot and study your Premier League teams. Even though the Premier League schedule was cut short due to Queen Elizabeth II’s death, this weekend was another fantastic one for football. Games may have been postponed but here we go again.

As the Premier League (PL) resumed play after a week off, North London shone just as brightly as the defending champions Manchester City. There were also moments of silence and renditions of “God Save the King.”

Amidst all the happenings, job statuses were also at stake, and it’s unclear whether the 20 Premier League managers’ rosters will remain the same until the break finishes in less than two weeks. 

First Insight

Brentford 0–3 Arsenal: Another victory to highlight Arsenal’s development after their appalling loss at Brentford at the beginning of the previous campaign. This resounding victory, just over a year later, highlighted the advancements made under Mikel Arteta. With a youthful, eager team that has been methodically recruited, this is a distinct playing style. Kieran Tierney and Vieira seamlessly filled in for Martin Odegaard and Oleksandr Zinchenko despite their absences as Arteta’s team dominated the game from beginning to end. This is what Arsenal aimed to become after a few years of assembling the team, and they are all playing with confidence.

A few injuries piled up with kids on the bench, and when Ethan Nwaneri, 15, entered the game late, he became the Premier League’s youngest player ever. The only problem is that their roster appeared to be somewhat undermanned. Arteta will be hoping his team stays healthy to capitalize on all of this positive momentum as the Europa League and League Cup are scheduled to take place in the weeks following the international break.

Second Insight

Brave Bournemouth is entirely entitled to their point and possibly even more (Newcastle 1-1 Bournemouth): Bournemouth won the first half with a score of 0-0. Although they created very little (even less) themselves and scarcely gave Newcastle a glimpse of their goal, going into the half without a goal put all of the responsibility on Newcastle as the host team and the team that was widely favored to win. A “lesser” team also grows more self-assured and convinced that it can steal in the final 45 minutes.

Third Insight

Jack Grealish responds to his detractors (Wolves 0–3 Man City): After Pep Guardiola’s gushing praise of the English playmaker prior to this match, Grealish had a desire and freedom about him. Many people criticize Grealish for not contributing enough goals or assists — he told PST last season that he needed to increase those figures — but his manager doesn’t care as long as he fits in with the rest of the team’s offensive players. Grealish frequently won the ball back, scored, and caused chaos; the only way Wolves could stop him was Collins’ egregious challenge, for which he received a straight red card.

Fourth Insight

Everton’s 1-0 victory over West Ham will create a positive atmosphere at Goodison: As we discussed on this week’s episode of ProSoccerTalk, this was a crucial game for Everton. They would be unbeaten in five straight games with a win or a draw; a loss would result in a winless run of five games. We assume that’s what draftsman do. Although it may not have mattered as much as it did, the victory gives Frank Lampard the chance to evaluate his team during the international break knowing that Everton is currently three points clear of the relegation zone and only two points behind Merseyside rivals Liverpool in ninth place.

Fifth Insight

Spurs have that Conte juice (Spurs 6-2 Leicester): Tottenham boss Antonio Conte drilled Spurs the day after a discouraging loss to Sporting Lisbon as a result of his team’s midweek defeat in the UEFA Champions League. An immediate admission following that? Well, let’s just say that Tottenham overcame any midweek fatigue in their bodies to score four of the game’s final five goals against Leicester, which is not surprising. No, the Foxes can’t defend right now; we’ll get to that in a moment; but even when it was down 1-0 and tied 2-2, Tottenham never really felt in danger of taking anything less than three points.

So far here are 5 valuable insights and we mean to give you more. Watch out for part deux of Premier League 2022 Insights into Week 8.

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