PART DEUX: William Saliba, a defensive stalwart for Arsenal who was born in France

Jun 14, 2023

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LONDON, England – Saliba’s presence in the training facility also had a favorable effect on the environment. He was willing to take the lead in circumstances where someone was acting erratically or needed direction. He successfully resolved disputes and assisted people in regaining their composure because he exuded an aura of authority. Saliba’s capability to influence and control the training environment was demonstrated by his capacity to calm down individuals who were upset or had made mistakes, fostering a peaceful setting favorable to growth and development.

Many of Saliba’s close friends from the Saint-Etienne academy decided to continue their development within the academy system after his promotion to the senior team at the age of 17. The club made history in 2019 when it advanced to the FA Youth Cup’s Italian counterpart, the Coupe Gambardella, final. Despite having left the youth setup, Saliba nonetheless maintained a close emotional bond with his old teammates and gave them support and motivation throughout the competition. He regrettably was unable to take part in the title game because of his obligations with the first team.

Philippe Guillemet lovingly remembers Saliba’s undying devotion to his former teammates’ success as he reflects on the events. Saliba had a strong emotional commitment in their accomplishment despite not being physically present on the field. Throughout the entire tournament, he continually gave them encouraging texts, serving as a steady source of inspiration. Finalizing their joint quest by winning the tournament at the storied Stade de France sparked an enormous wave of emotions and an unexplainable sense of elation.

Saliba acquired a deep love for the team, the lively atmosphere, and the city of Marseille that went far beyond appreciation. He sensed a sense of belonging that was unlike anything he had ever felt when living in north London. Had Arsenal been willing to sell him, Marseille would have been his first choice of destination.

Guillemet attests to Saliba’s intense love for Marseille and his opinion of the city as an exceptional year in his career.

According to insider information from those close to Saliba, he had misgivings about Arsenal because of particular problems with the manager. He has, however, since found fulfillment in London.

Ursea has no doubts about Saliba’s potential to succeed at Arsenal after another stellar campaign in France.

Saliba reportedly gave Ursea a brief message upon his return to Arsenal last summer, according to Ursea. Saliba’s outstanding performance in Marseille gave Ursea no second thoughts and gave him hope that he would start.

Ursea has total faith in Saliba’s potential to compete for Arsenal after witnessing another exceptional season in France.

Ursea recalls sending Saliba a brief message after his return to Arsenal last summer. Ursea never had any doubts about Saliba getting a spot in the starting lineup because of the fantastic season he had in Marseille.

At Marseille, Saliba worked with Jorge Sampaoli, who had a profoundly positive impact on both his physical and psychological development. The Arsenal team was pleasantly delighted by the player’s noticeable transformation from the one they had at first observed with mistrust in the summer of 2020 upon his return to London Colney.

Saliba developed his mental toughness while playing in Marseille, according to Ursea, who acknowledges that this improvement was significant. Saliba showed a strong commitment to resolving those issues through focused efforts after identifying areas that needed improvement.

Ursea, who is ecstatic for Saliba’s accomplishments, emphasizes that Saliba is a very remarkable person who inspires a lot of respect in those around him and that his extraordinary traits go far beyond his football skills.

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