I won’t be hesitant to switch out goalies during games says Arsenal’s Areta

Sep 19, 2023

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LONDON, England – The manager of Arsenal discusses why he thinks goalkeepers ought to be treated similarly to outfield players. After giving David Raya his Gunners debut in Sunday’s 1-0 victory at Everton, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta believes he won’t be scared to switch goalies during games.

Arteta’s viewpoint on goalkeeping goes beyond merely blocking shots. He underlined that much like an outfield player, the goalkeeper must contribute to the team’s overall success. His management of goalkeepers like David Raya, Ramsdale, and Hein exhibits this philosophy.

Raya’s distribution abilities, which were prominently displayed during Arsenal’s triumph at Goodison Park, were one of the young Spanish goalkeeper’s notable attributes, according to Arteta, who was commenting on Raya’s performance. Raya’s outstanding distribution fits Arteta’s ideal of contemporary goalkeeping, in which keepers are supposed to start offenses and construct from the back.

Arteta has only been a manager for a little over three years, therefore his managerial theory is still relatively new. He admitted that he had some regrets about not switching goalkeepers at pivotal situations in previous games. He said he wished he had the guts to make such tactical choices, much as he would switch outfielders to suit game circumstances.

Overall, Arteta’s style of goalkeeping demonstrates his dedication to bringing out the best in every player, regardless of position. It demonstrates his commitment to a comprehensive and flexible style of play that recognizes goalkeepers as essential to the success of the team. This viewpoint is in line with the emphasis placed in modern football on goalkeepers as playmakers and tactical assets on the field in addition to shot blockers.

Arteta was really disappointed that those matches ended in draws.

Arteta regrets not having taken such steps in those instances, but his current stance is to make sure that every player on the team is engaged and ready to contribute, regardless of the situation. He continued, “It’s only a matter of time before someone does it, and while it may seem unconventional, the question is, why not? If another goalkeeper possesses all the necessary qualities and there’s a need to shift the momentum or make a tactical adjustment, then it should be done.

When asked how he anticipated Ramsdale would respond, Arteta added:

Arteta reaffirmed his viewpoint on player rotations, highlighting the fact that his strategy is applicable to all positions and players. He emphasized that he had the same expectations for Ramsdale as he does for Jesus, Tomiyasu, or any other player in terms of how they would react professionally and adjust to tactical changes.

The all-time highest scorer in the Premier League and Hall of Fame member Alan Shearer praised Arteta for his readiness to make important managerial decisions. Shearer emphasized the significance of managerial assurance in making these decisions without second-guessing. Arteta’s strategy demonstrates his dedication to tactical flexibility and a proactive mentality, with the goal of maximizing player participation and the team’s performance as a whole.

Adaptability, proactive decision-making, and maximizing each player’s potential, independent of position or contribution to the club, are the pillars of his managing philosophy. This strategy not only keeps the team interested but also permits tactical flexibility during games.

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