How Son and Maddison goals sent Spurs to the top of the Premier League standings

Oct 25, 2023

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Tottenham Hotspur defeated Fulham convincingly 2-0 to retake the top spot in the Premier League. Every football fan wonders how long they can maintain this strong start under Ange Postecoglu’s leadership.

One must carefully evaluate Tottenham Hotspur’s forthcoming games to get the solution. The difficulties that lay ahead will be a true test of the team’s desire to win the championship.

  • Premier League (Fri): Crystal Palace (A)
  • Premier League (Monday, November 6): Chelsea (H)
  • Premier League (Saturday, November 11) Wolves (A)
  • Premier League, Aston Villa (Home) (Sun, Nov. 26)
  • Premier League (Sunday, December 3), Man City (A)

When we come to that first December match, it’s difficult not to wonder where those two teams will be in the table.

Next difficult run for Cottagers

Where will Fulham go from here to build on the encouraging parts of their performance? In the next weeks, Fulham will embark on an intriguing run:

  • Brighton (A): Sunday’s Premier League game
  • Carabao Cup, Ipswich (A) (Wednesday, Nov.
  • Premier League (Saturday, November 4) Man Utd (H)
  • Premier League (Sun, Nov. 12): Aston Villa
  • Premier League (Monday, November 27) Wolves (H)

How about the lower half?

Although they can draw some positives from their performance, Fulham are still ranked 13th; below is where they fall within the bottom half:

1. PTS: 12 for Crystal Palace, GD: -4
2. Wolves: 11 PTS; -4 GD
3. Fulham: 11 PTS, 7 GD
4. Brentford: 10 PTS, 2 GD
5. PTS: 10 for Nottingham Forest, GD: -2
6. Everton: 7, GD: -5, PTS: 7
7. PTS: 5; GD: -9; Luton
8. Burnley: 4 PTS, -16 GD
9. GD: -14 for Bournemouth, PTS: 3
10. PTS: 1, GD: -17 for Sheffield United

Silva regrets repeating his first-half error.

Although he was clearly upset with how tonight’s game turned out when he spoke to Sky Sports afterward, Marco Silva was displaying a lot of frustration on the sidelines:

The coach claimed that they could have gotten more out of the contest. They thought it was irresponsible how the opening goal was given up. The second objective, however, made them feel much worse. They were aware that the opposition team would keep a high line and exert heavy pressure throughout their first build-up. At halftime, the coach stressed the need of not making the same mistakes again because the second goal was similar to the first. Unfortunately, they kept making the same mistakes throughout the game, and it was essential.

James Madison credited their achievement to their independence in an interview with Sky Sports. One can consider this to be Ange Postecoglu’s latest triumph. According to Maddison, “In the early stages, it felt somewhat disjointed, with Fulham not pressing us much, allowing our center-backs to advance with the ball. However, I adapted by dropping a bit deeper, becoming more involved in the build-up, and we found more success that way, breaking through a couple of times.”

He stated, “The manager appreciates freedom and is content with me doing that, as long as there’s a structured approach and players are positioned in the areas he specifies.”

Permanent stats zone

Tottenham had plenty of relief in the end, despite Fulham eventually building up opportunities right up until the last siren.

When Tottenham scored their second goal, some of these numbers would have looked very different. It appears closer than it actually is based on the statistics.

  • FT: Spurs 2-0 Fulham
  • 56% have it; 44% do not.
  • Shots: 15 – 10
  • On course: 5 to 3
  • XG: 1.51 – 1.03
  • Strong odds: 2 to 1.
  • 12 to 11 wins in tackles
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