Fulham’s Marco Silva and forward Aleksandar Mitrovic “regret” their behavior following their respective red cards

Mar 31, 2023

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LONDON, England – Fulham manager Marco Silva and striker Aleksandar Mitrovic have expressed their regret and apologized to referee Chris Kavanagh following their actions during the FA Cup quarter-final loss to Manchester United. Silva was charged with abusive behavior towards match officials, while Mitrovic was charged with violent and improper conduct after pushing the referee.

Silva, who was visibly frustrated during the match, has admitted that he should have controlled his emotions better and regrets what happened. In a show of accountability, he has personally spoken to Kavanagh to apologize and expressed his respect for him and his work. Silva believes that their paths will cross again, and there will be mutual respect between them. He has also thanked Fulham fans for their support during this challenging period.

Mitrovic, who is facing a lengthy ban, has accepted the three-match ban handed to him by the FA. He has also apologized to Kavanagh and offered to accept a club fine. Mitrovic’s remorseful attitude may help him receive a fair hearing from the FA and reduce his ban. However, the standard punishment for his sending off is deemed “clearly insufficient,” and he may face a more extended ban.

Fulham and Silva are also facing further charges from the FA. Silva has been charged with misconduct for comments he made following the FA Cup defeat that allegedly questioned the integrity of the match official. Fulham, on the other hand, face a charge for failing to control their players. Former referees Chris Sutton and Keith Hackett have called for a 10-match ban for Mitrovic, but Silva appealed for fairness from the FA.

Silva and Mitrovic’s apology to Kavanagh shows that they acknowledge their actions and take responsibility for them. Their attitude may help them receive a fair hearing from the FA and reduce their respective bans. However, their actions during the match were still unacceptable and have put their team in a difficult position. Fulham will need to regroup and focus on their remaining fixtures without their manager and star striker. It remains to be seen how the FA will respond to the charges faced by Fulham and Silva, but the club and players will undoubtedly be hoping for a fair outcome.

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