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Bernado is “irreplaceable,” says Guardiola, adding, “We are in love with him.”

Oct 31, 2023

LONDON, England – Following a remarkable performance in their most recent derby triumph over Manchester United, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola voiced his praise for Bernardo Silva’s exceptional contribution to the squad. Bernardo, who was awarded player of the game honors, was instrumental in City’s victory by setting up Erling Haaland for a goal and helping Phil Foden score at Old Trafford.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Guardiola made it clear how much he admired Bernardo, saying he could go on for hours about the player’s importance to the team. Bernardo, in Guardiola’s opinion, is a superior player who excels in all facets of the game and has a profound grasp of the game. Guardiola lavished praise on Bernardo, demonstrating how much they valued his abilities.

In recent transfer windows, there has been talk over Bernardo Silva’s future at Manchester City. He put such speculations to rest, though, by agreeing to a contract extension that ties him to the team until 2026, perhaps making it nine years in a row. Guardiola expressed his relief that Bernardo decided to stay while recognizing the significance of keeping him.

For Guardiola, Bernardo is an indispensable player whose contribution to the squad goes far beyond his on-field accomplishments. In order to emphasize the player’s dedication to the success of the squad, Guardiola mentioned his satisfaction at the club and his family life.

Bernardo’s consistency in putting on spectacular performances, particularly in important games like those at Old Trafford, was again emphasized by Guardiola. The manager’s words show how much Bernardo Silva has meant to Manchester City and how much he is respected and admired by him. In addition to being a player, Bernardo serves the team as a cherished and indispensable member in their quest for victory. The importance of these players in top-tier football clubs, where their value goes much beyond the goals and assists they contribute on the field, is attested to by Guardiola’s words.

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