Arsenal FC is showing that they are great at trades

Mar 1, 2023

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LONDON, England – The joke was on Arsenal when Mykhailo Mudryk made the decision to transfer to Chelsea in the middle of the previous transfer window. Opposition supporters delighted in the fact that the league leaders had been betrayed at the altar in January. 

How do you like them now? Add in the unsuccessful attempt to sign Moises Caicedo, and Arsenal’s two top targets were not acquired during the transfer window. It was undeniably a blow. There is another possible future, one that unfavorably resembles last season, in which it might have emerged as the central theme of their campaign’s second half.

Arsenal, though, replied in a sensible, proactive manner. They moved swiftly to sign Leandro Trossard and Jorginho as soon as it was evident they wouldn’t sign Mudryk or Caicedo. The two made a big difference in Arsenal’s most recent triumph over Leicester, a 1-0 victory.

Manager Mikel Arteta acknowledged in the press conference following the game that he was “extremely thrilled” with how swiftly Arsenal’s January pivot had paid off. “We had a very clear idea of what we intended to do, but we were unable to carry it out, so we had to change. It must be done in the window. Don’t let ourselves down. Everyone on the board, especially Edu and Richard Garlick (director of football operations), were very strong in carrying out their duties, and we were the first to arrive and obtain our objectives.

Mudryk might go on to become a star, while Caicedo will have suitors once more in the summer, possibly including Arsenal. But, the benefit of bringing in Trossard and Jorginho was that they were already equipped to play in the Premier League when they came. 

They are two players with prior league experience who are ideally suited to our style of play, continued Arteta. “They have the personality to play the way we played and are really intelligent to comprehend what we need them to execute certain things. This is necessary at this level.

Mudryk and Caicedo, who are 22 and 21 years old respectively, have little professional experience. Trossard and Jorginho, who are 28 and 31, respectively, have given a young team a streetwise edge. 

As there aren’t many elite players in the globe, there will undoubtedly be fierce rivalry to sign them. In their attempts to sign Mudryk, Lisandro Martinez, Raphinha, and other players, Arsenal has learned as much. It’s even more crucial in that kind of environment to be adaptable and reactive in your planning, to have backup targets, and to act accordingly.

There were a few gloomy times in the Arsenal recruitment department when Mudryk decided on Chelsea. They had been pursuing the athlete for months and had fallen in love with him. But, there was no pouting or fear. Arsenal conducted itself like a shrewd club, as it has for a number of years. 

You must go back to 2020, when Arsenal appeared to have made a clear blunder in the market by buying Willian. It happened a while ago. Since then, the club has spent more cash than the majority, but few have done so more skillfully. The notion that Arsenal is less strategic and more scattergun is out of date. It’s from another time period.

Arsenal received jeers in January for their failure to carry out plan A. Yet, they deserve praise for how quickly and shrewdly they shifted to plan B. They have needed it to keep up their title challenge.

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