Tyson Fury offers a free match against Anthony Joshua in England

Aug 4, 2022

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Many still consider Tyson Fury to be the WBC and lineal heavyweight champion of the world despite the fact that he claims to be retired. Fans therefore pay attention when Tyson speaks. And Tyson enjoys talking—often a lot. The big Englishman recently made a statement that definitely raised some eyes. “This is reconfirmation” Fury claims in a video posted on social media Wednesday, “of what I’ve said about fighting Anthony Joshua for fuck all in England. That’s how the fight happens. I signed the contract today, the fight’s got to be for free, free to our television, and all tickets go for free. No money is to be made out of this British historic fight if it happens. There’s the terms. I’m in the driving seat. Take it or f’ng leave it. The ball is in your court guys. Take it or leave it. Either way. I don’t give a damn. There’s the offer. Peace out.”

The truth is that, aside from meeting Fury, Joshua probably has other things on his mind right now. After all, he’s ready to square off against Oleksandr Usyk once more in the hopes of regaining the titles Usyk stole from him in their previous encounter last September. The rematch, which will take place on August 20 in Saudi Arabia, is one of the biggest matches to be announced for a year that is already full of intriguing events. Joshua is likely putting his attention on the rematch, which is only a month away, rather than on Fury because Usyk defeated him quite convincingly the first time they fought.

Regarding Fury, he asserts that he is currently retired. Nevertheless, the “Gypsy King” combatant has a history of being somewhat erratic in his behavior. Will Fury really agree to fight Joshua for free when there will obviously be so much money on the line, assuming Joshua wins back the belts he lost to Usyk last year, which is not a given? Anything is possible knowing Fury, but will Joshua be prepared to risk his life in vain? It’s not a sport for the elderly to box. After all, there is only a finite amount of time to make money.

Oddly enough, it appeared around a year ago that Fury and Joshua would square off in Saudi Arabia to determine who would be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. However, that fight was called off at the last minute. Without a doubt, had the battle managed to be made, both fighters would have made a sizable sum of money.

Anthony Joshua Match: Tyson Fury Says He’d Accept Free Tickets and Free TV for Fans

Tyson Fury, the heavyweight boxing champion, stated on Wednesday that a free matchup with fellow British superstar Anthony Joshua is the only reason he would consider coming out of retirement.

On Instagram, Fury made the announcement and made an offer for what he called the “biggest bout in boxing history” (h/t ESPN’s Mike Coppinger).

“That’s how the fight happens, I’ll sign the contract today. The fight’s got to be for free,” Fury said. “Free-to-air television and all tickets go for free. No money is to be made out of this British historic fight if it happens. There’s the terms, I’m in the driving seat, take it or effing leave it. The ball is in your court, guys. … Either way, I don’t give a damn.”

In April, the “Gypsy King” defeated Dillian Whyte in the sixth round to win the WBC heavyweight championship and raise his record to 32-0-1.

He announced his retirement following the fight, which took place at Wembley Stadium in London.

“I’ve been in this game for 20 years. I’m 34 in a few months. I said the third Wilder fight would be my last, but I felt I owed the fans one last homecoming,” Fury said. “This is definitely the end of the Gypsy King, and I went out with a bang. Tonight was amazing, but this is the end.”

Although the term “retirement” is frequently used in the fight game, it rarely refers to a specific end date, especially for athletes at the peak of their game. Although Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made three retirements, he still competes in exhibition matches.

However, the story takes an interesting turn when someone offers to perform a much anticipated, public battle for free.

The fight between Fury and Joshua has been speculated about frequently in recent years, but it never materialized. While anticipation decreased after Joshua’s defeat to Oleksandr Usyk, a victory against Usyk in the rematch in August would revive it.

The notion of a free viewing opportunity for fans would undoubtedly be beneficial, but it contrasts sharply with what Fury told TalkSport’s Simon Jordan in June.

“I’d probably want half a billi to come out of retirement,” Fury said. “I’m telling you the truth; if you want me out of retirement, it’s gonna cost half a billi.”

It’s unclear how his demands decreased from £500 million ($598 million) to nothing in a month, but it will undoubtedly generate some discussion, especially if Joshua prevails in his fight the following month.

Finally, before a deal for Fury vs. Joshua is perhaps signed, expect several more turns and turns in the story.

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