Results from boxing: Hamzah Sheeraz wins the WBC belt

Aug 8, 2022

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Following a stoppage victory over the tough Francisco Torres in the fifth round, HAMZAH SHEERAZ is now the WBC Silver middleweight champion. Mark Heffron stopped Lennox Clark, Dennis McCann defeated James Beech Jr. in the eighth round to win the WBC International Silver belt, and Nick Ball successfully defended his WBC Silver championship by defeating Nathanael Kokololo at the Copper Box Arena.

Sheeraz, who had the upper hand with his jab, tensed up the punch in the second round and knocked Torres, who had a very shaky foundation, to the ground. Torres was knocked down by another left at the start of the third, but he got up with a huge right that finally knocked Sheeraz to the ground.

Then Sheeraz set up a massive right that smacked into Torres’ jaw and knocked him down once more, setting up an unusual brawl.

After 1.56 of round five, referee Mark Lyson stopped the bout due to a full-blooded right hand that Torres took to the head. The Argentinean was reluctant to get up and reply.

In the eighth round of a thrilling contest, Dennis McCann defeated James Beech Jr. to improve his record to 13-0.

Round 1.44 ended with the towel being thrown in as McCann put on a masterful exhibition of contempt.

Dennis launched into full Menace mode straight away; the 21-year-old unleashed three minutes of cruelty, finishing off Beech in a flurry of shots halfway through the round.

There is no doubt that Beech Jr. came to fight, but his timing was wrong early on, leaving him open to quick counters. The second saw a slight slowdown in the action as Beech collected himself, but the third saw McCann land some crushing blows on him.

Beech then experienced a few modest victories, but the vengeful McCann provided no solace, the Bloxwich warrior was straining to hold him off, and it didn’t take long for some party tricks to be employed.

Beech fought back but was eventually knocked out with a devastating right that sent him to the floor. After another attack, the fight was declared finished and McCann celebrated winning the WBC International Silver featherweight championship by throwing in the towel.

Mark Heffron fought Lennox Clarke in a memorable contest to win the titles for the British, Commonwealth, and IBF Intercontinental super middleweight divisions.

Heffron was propelled into action by Clarke’s remarkable first-round assault, which caused the champion to stumble for the majority of the second round as Heffron dropped bomb after bomb on a shellshocked champion.

In the second round, Clarke evened things up by landing some hard blows on Heffron, but the 30-year-old, who was facing off against Heffron for the third time for the British, used some cunning footwork and jabbed more successfully. In the third round, Clarke was knocked out with an uppercut as the vicious exchanges persisted.

In the fourth, Clarke gained some momentum, but Heffron once more delivered the crisper, more telling shots, and the Birmingham native showed incredible tenacity to stay in the game.

In the fifth, the Heffron pressure increased and Clarke seemed to be running away and having problems. Bob Williams, the referee, felt that was enough, and Heffron is now the proud owner of a British championship.

The fifth round’s official stoppage time was 2.28.

Nathanael Kokololo, who had a significant height and reach advantage, presented Nick Ball with a challenging task. Ball quickly frightened the Namibian by crouching low and launching shots toward his jaw.

Ball was defending his WBC Silver featherweight championship for the first time.

The young man from Liverpool had to be cautious about such physical threats in order to avoid getting detected while attempting to approach them. He had to maneuver around Kokololo’s jab and couldn’t be as relentless as he usually is when facing shorter opponents.

At the conclusion of rounds three and four, Ball made some accurate shots, but Kokololo maintained his composure, and Ball began to bleed from the nose. Although Ball was hitting the target more frequently, a concerning mark started to appear under his left eye as the fifth round came to an end.

In the seventh round, Kokololo tried to gain some momentum by opening up, but Ball maintained control and was winning the rounds. As Ball began aiming for a dramatic conclusion in the ninth round, Kokololo was rocked, but he managed to battle on.

In the final round, Ball used heavy artillery to ultimately take out Kokololo, who for once did not retaliate after being caught. John Latham, the official, acted swiftly to save Ball, who is now 16 to 0 and one of the best young champions in the nation.

The young Bulgarian Tank Banabakov, who largely gave as good as he got until the final two rounds when the pressure was raised and Banabakov’s work grew a touch ragged, gave the unbeaten super bantam Masood Abdulah a fair run for his money over eight rounds. Islington’s Abdulah is now 5 to 0 and has gone the distance for the first time as referee Bob Williams scored the match 77 to75.

The Big Bang has made a significant comeback. Pierce O’Leary, a new Queensberry recruit, destroyed Robin Zamora in the second round with a monster right hand that caused the Nicaraguan to lose consciousness. Referee Sean McAvoy correctly intervened to prevent Nicaraguan from being attacked further. The battle was close throughout until O’Leary’s game-changing shot in round 2.03 improved his record to 10-0.

Karol Itauma defeated Michal Gazdik with ease to increase his professional record to 8-0. After 50 seconds of round four, referee John Latham had had enough and intervened to defend Gazdik.

After outworking the competitive Christian Lopez Florez over eight rounds, Ryan Garner has now gone 12 matches without losing as a professional. Garner will soon fight for a title to begin the next phase of his career.

Sean McAvoy, the referee, gave the contest an 80 to 72 score.

In round five, Garner settled in, retaining a little more distance and working shrewdly up and down after getting the jump on his obstinate opponent. Despite still having to pursue Florez, he managed to entice a little bit more backfire from the Mexican, which provided some opportunities for him to move.

Over the lengthier distance, Garner demonstrated that he still has enough gas in the tank and did his work at a quick pace. If he made a mistake, it might have been in trying too hard to knock out his opponent with a spectacular KO. He was facing a player on the run with a strong and effective guard, though.

Khalid Ali brought the fireworks for his second visit to the Copper Box, and he immediately got to work on Des Newton. Newton didn’t seem like he would make it through the fight, but Ali landed a massive left that set off a powerful attack from the Brick Lane youngster, leaving Newton in a heap after taking a few more blows than he probably should have.

Officially, the fight was stopped at 54 seconds into round two by Bob Williams, who also escorted a worried doctor off the ring.

After being briefly knocked to the ground by Engel Gomez’s short right in the second round, Umar Khan was able to recover. The Ilford youngster handled the mini-storm well and fought with some style and conviction to seize control of the match.

On John Latham’s scorecard, Khan was declared the winner after his first six-round fight by a score of 58 to 56. Now 4 to 0, Khan.

Sonny Liston Ali, a super lightweight, improved to 4 to 0 after defeating Chris Adaway on points. Referee Sean McCoy gave the contest a 60 to 55 score.

In the first bout of the evening, Sean Noakes stopped MJ Hall in the second round to win his second professional fight at welterweight.

Hall was rocked by a powerful right early in the round, and Noakes sensed a probable stoppage. A bombardment that featured a nicely delivered uppercut convinced Bob Williams that enough was enough. The second round’s action at 2.45 was stopped by the referee.

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