Gonzalez Vs. Dogboe Live Streaming On ESPN+ Only This Saturday

Aug 7, 2022

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This SATURDAY, when does Joet Gonzalez – Isaac Dogboe premiere on ESPN+? At 6:45 p.m., ESPN+ will begin streaming the whole schedule live. ET/3:45 p.m. PT.

Two of the toughest featherweights in the world are prepared for a crucial fight. In the 10-round main event on Saturday at the Grand Casino Hinckley, two-time title challenger Joet Gonzalez (25 to 2, 15 KOs) will face former world junior featherweight champion Isaac Dogboe (23 to 2, 15 KOs). Gonzalez will defend his WBO International belt, and the contest will also determine the WBC champion.

Gabriel Flores Jr., the king of Stockton, California, seeks to defeat unbeaten challenger Giovanni Cabrera in the 10-round lightweight co-feature. Flores is 21 to 1 with 7 knockouts (20 to 0, 7 KOs).

Guido Vianello, a heavyweight prospect (8 to 0 to 1, 8 KOs), Haven Brady Jr., a featherweight prospect (6 to 0, 4 KOs), Abdullah Mason, a lightweight sensation (2 to 0, 2 KOs), and middleweight Javier Martinez will all fight on the undercard (6 to 0, 2 KOs).

The fighters said this at the news conference on Thursday.

Joet Gonzalez

““This fight has a little bit of everything. There’s motivation. There’s a little more pressure because the opportunity is there for a third world title shot. But I got to get the job done. I’ve got to get past Isaac Dogboe first and then go from there.”

“I took a lot from the Navarrete fight. You live and learn each and every day. From that fight, I think I showed most of the people what I’m about and what I’m willing to do to get my hand raised. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my hand raised, but I was in that fight for all 12 rounds. If I was hurt, I wouldn’t have fought the way I fought. For the most part, I made that fight exciting. But it is what it is, and now I can’t wait to face Isaac Dogboe.”

“You can expect another exciting fight. I’m here to entertain the fans. I’d fight whoever and whenever. I’d fight all the top fighters. Expect another great fight from me.”

Isaac Dogboe

“One thing I believe is that without risk there is no reward. I love the challenge. I’m always willing to go in there with whoever is in front of me. I’m really looking forward to this fight. I know that Joet is going to bring it. I’m really looking forward to what he’s going to bring.”

“Camp has been great [with Barry Hunter]. That’s one of the best places that one can find themselves, especially after going through everything I have gone through. He’s always been there. The entire team as well, not just him.”

“We push each other. There are times where I should be learning how to box, but then Isaac Dogboe just ends up being Isaac Dogboe and just comes out with all guns blazing because he wants to let off steam. But it’s been a gradual process. I’m really thankful for my team.”

Gabriel Flores Jr.

“My last fights taught me that I can go through anything. When it comes to fire, I’ll run to the fire, just to get out of it and come out on top. I ain’t worried about that. When a problem comes my way, I go towards the problem.”

“But I’m healthy now. That was me at 130. I wanted to stay at 130 and win a title there. But my body couldn’t do it, and I was just forcing my body. But you live and you learn. It was a mistake I learned from, and now I’m at 135. I’m fighting at 136 for this one, and I feel great. I feel healthy.”

“I’m going to make a statement. That’s for sure. My statement shows that 135 is my weight class now. That’s what I’m going out to prove. I didn’t come here to win a title; I came to take it all.”

Giovanni Cabrera

“This is the opportunity for me to establish myself as the type of fighter that I’ve always wanted to be and that I’ve proven to be in the past. Now it’s just time for everyone to recognize it. I’ve defeated a lot of undefeated fighters in my career. To me, Gabriel Flores is the biggest one to date.”

“I’ve prepared for all possibilities. If he comes to fight, I’m ready to fight. If it’s a chess match, I’m ready for a chess match. It’s going to be a great fight for everybody. Our styles are unique, and it’s a great matchup. I have a game plan. I have one of the best corners in the world with Freddie Roach and Pepe Reilly. I’m ready. I’ve had one of the best training camps of my career, and I’m excited.”

Haven Brady Jr.

“I feel good. I feel better and better every time I get into the ring. I can’t wait to get back in there and show more skills. I feel more comfortable with every fight. I bring more out of my arsenal with every fight. Saturday night you’ll see more of Haven Brady Jr.”

“I love the stage. I love the process. I feel that if you don’t love the process, you won’t make it to where you want to be. You gotta love the training, the press conferences like these, getting in the ring, the lights, the camera, and the action. I love that.”

Saturday, July 23

 ESPN+ (6:45 p.m. ET/3:45 p.m. PT)

Joet Gonzalez vs. Isaac Dogboe, 10 rounds, Gonzalez’s WBO International Featherweight Title & WBC Title Eliminator

Gabriel Flores Jr. vs. Giovanni Cabrera 10 rounds, lightweight

Javier Martinez vs. Pachino Hill, 6 rounds, middleweight

Guido Vianello vs. Rafael Rios, 8 rounds, heavyweight

Haven Brady Jr. vs. Aaron Echeveste, 6 rounds, featherweight

Colton Warner vs. Jimmy Barnes, 4 rounds, heavyweight

Abdullah Mason vs. Luis Fernandez, 4 rounds, lightweight

Antonio Mireles vs. Dennys Reyes, 4 rounds, heavyweight

Dante Benjamin Jr. vs. Corey Thompson, 4 rounds, light heavyweight

Antonio Woods vs. Darryl Jones, 6 rounds, middleweight

OFF TV (6:25 p.m. ET/3:25 p.m. PT)

Cayman Audie vs. Anthony Garrett, 4 rounds, heavyweight

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