Tyson Fury leads a live audience in mocking Jake Paul. Paul Responds in Memorable Style

Jul 8, 2022

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Fury, Tyson. Paul Jake It’s news to the boxing world if there are two more outsized and flamboyant (some would say irritating) personalities this side of Adrien Broner. Fury, the world’s WBC and lineal heavyweight champion (no one knows whether to accept his assertion that he’s retired) has a tongue as large as his massive frame. The tall Englishman, a spectacular and maybe era-defining heavyweight, has the ability to get into opponents’ heads like no other. And now that his brother Tommy is due to battle Jake Paul later this summer in New York City, the fighter known as “The Gypsy King” has gotten right to work in targeting the social media sensation turned professional boxer.

Tyson Fury’s Twitter Post:



“👋 @jakepaul”

But here’s the catch: Paul enjoys energizing an audience and getting inside an opponent’s mind just as much as Fury does. And, while he is definitely not a fighter of Fury’s ability, he may have a chance against Fury’s younger brother, who isn’t any more experienced as a professional than Paul is. After all, neither guy has fought more than ten times, which makes Paul-Fury an interesting match. Nonetheless, while Paul likes mocking the Brothers Fury, there’s no doubt that older brother Tyson went after Paul in a spectacular manner this past weekend.

Fury is currently on his “Official After Party Tour,” according to the Daily Mail. On Sunday, at Sheffield City Hall, the boxer “urged the crowd to sing ‘Jake Paul is a p***y,’ and they promptly obeyed, with the unbeaten Brit putting the film on his social media.” Never one to be outdone, Paul responded with his own video titled “Beethoven’s 10th symphony featuring @Tyson Fury” on Sunday.

Jake Paul’s Twitter post:

Jake Paul


“Beethoven’s 10th symphony featuring @Tyson_Fury”

In the video, Paul, costumed as an orchestra conductor and placed over the Sheffield Hall tape, moves around with two enormous wooden cooking utensils, as if he is leading the chant in high style. Although Paul and Fury are plainly not for everyone, it’s tough to deny that they may be amusing – at times. Neither of these men is conventional in the least. However, Fury has proved himself in the ring. It’ll be fascinating to watch how Paul does against the man’s younger sibling in August. The fight between Paul and Fury is scheduled for August 6th at Madison Square Garden and will be aired live as a pay per view event.

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