Oscar De La Hoya: “It’s very possible” for Ryan Garcia to face Gervonta Davis

Aug 3, 2022

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A huge fight can be organized by Oscar De La Hoya. He has organized high-profile events as the president of Golden Boy Promotions, but he has also long been a top draw in the industry, having fought in some of the biggest, most renowned, and most lucrative ring battles in history. De La Hoya is already openly discussing a possible superbout between his boxer Ryan Garcia and Gervonta “Tank” Davis. De La Hoya told FightHub that a fight between the two well-known lightweights was “quite likely.” De La Hoya does not seem bothered by the fact that Davis currently competes for Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions.

“We’ve worked with PBC before in the past,” De La Hoya said. “It’s not easy, but I’m going to start pushing it hard and if I have to push it hard in the media then I’m going to do so.” De La Hoya also made it clear that, in his opinion, if a Davis-Garcia bout is to take place, fan support may also be necessary. “If the fans can get behind me to push for that fight,” he claimed, “then I think we can pressure them once and for all to make that fight happen.”

Of course, some could argue that Garcia and his team ought to be concentrating right now on Saturday night when the 2 to -0 Garcia will compete in Los Angeles against Javier Fortuna. Garcia appears to want a bout with Davis, and De La Hoya says it is his responsibility to give his boxer what he wants. “The bottom line is that he wants to fight,” De La Hoya said, “and as his promoter, if he wants the fight, then we get him the fight.” Garcia shares characteristics with undefeated, 27-0 knockout artist Davis, according to De La Hoya.

“They have the ‘it factor,’” De La Hoya said of both fighters. Garcia is not even close to as successful as Davis, despite the fact that both men can attract attention (Davis draws large crowds of live fans while Garcia has millions of followers on social media). However, the Garcia team does not appear to care. “I think it’s the right time,” said De La Hoya of a match with Davis. Javier Fortuna undoubtedly has a point to make about that. But if Garcia defeats Fortuna this weekend as predicted, it raises the question of who the 23-year-old will face next.

Ryan Garcia’s contest with Javier Fortuna is examined by Mikaela Mayer

When Ryan Garcia competes against Javier Fortuna on Saturday night at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, it will likely be his toughest test yet (DAZN, 8 p.m. ET).

This 12-round lightweight fight between Garcia (22 to 0, 18 KO), of Victorville, California, and Fortuna (37 to 3 to 1, 26 KO), of the Dominican Republic, is a rematch of a contest that was originally scheduled for 2021 but was postponed after Garcia withdrew to address his mental health.

What could possibly occur when the two of them enter the ring? Mikaela Mayer, the WBO and IBF women’s junior lightweight champion, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of both competitors and her predictions for the battle.

What are the advantages of Ryan Garcia?

In comparison to Fortuna, he is taller, has greater reach, and is skilled at managing distance. He has terrific speed, a great lead jab, and a great left hook, all of which will work in his favor in this fight because, when facing a lefty like Fortuna, he is always vulnerable to that hook.

It seems that Garcia has a natural affinity for that hook and that jab. He occasionally manages to avoid that jab a little bit. He’s confident throwing that hook, but it would be amazing to see him really keep that jab in Fortuna’s face and keep him on the outside. If Garcia’s team has been keeping an eye on Fortuna, they must be aware that when he lets go of his hands, he sorts of waits on the outside before attacking, and when he does, it is not a particularly tight attack. He is honest. He might be caught in the act of doing wrong.

After having a look at that, it seems that Garcia and his trainer Joe Goossen will decide to stand their ground and simply catch him with a powerful left hook. Fortuna is a little bit shorter, so he does not want to be missing, so perhaps to the body. Right at the shoulder is where he wants to dig.

What are the advantages of Javier Fortuna?

Fortuna is a touch out of the ordinary. In the ring, he becomes a little bit filthy. He has fought 20 times more than Garcia, so he does have that advantage in experience. Because he will not want to stand outside with Garcia, he will have to let go of his hands in order to defeat the opponent. He must release his grip on them.

Garcia tends to be a little bit direct at times. My favorite thing about him is that. His feet occasionally come together, his chin does not stay tucked, and he stands quite erect. Fortuna must therefore continue applying pressure to keep him off balance. Garcia will pick him apart with the jab all day, so don’t stand outside as he does with some people.

What Garcia’s shortcomings are?

Garcia’s main flaw, as indicated, is that he always stands straight up with his chin raised. Even though he was in training, it was seen on social media. Apparently, the trainers have not noticed or fixed it. When I jump rope, my instructor Al Mitchell makes me tuck my chin. Like, “Tuck your chin!” And I’m like, “Oh my god, OK.”

He has been caught before, so his chin is dead in the air. It resembles the way Luke Campbell caught him and brought him to the ground. It was evident how upright he is. He is susceptible to that, and Fortuna’s team is no doubt considering that.

He also tends to jump straight back occasionally, and when you jump straight back while also being straight up in the air, that is how you can also get trapped.

What are the flaws in Fortuna?

He does not move as quickly as Garcia does. Although he exerts pressure, it may not always be the best kind. When he attacks, he sorts of leaks in with wide punches because he prefers to wait until he is ready to go in from the outside. When he attacks, he can get caught in between fists. He doesn’t have a particularly tight defense and keeps his hands low. That is going to leave him open to Garcia’s left hook.

He waits on the outside, looking for the attack while wearing earmuffs (hands against ears). However, when he attacks, his punches can be broad. They do not follow the middle line exactly. And you get caught when you are wide and moving slowly. When he throws, I believe he will be vulnerable since Garcia is faster than him.

How does Garcia triumph?

He must continue to follow that jab. He has a great, quick jab, although he occasionally escapes it in the second part of contests. Jabbing, then fainting, and then bringing the hook around. He can fake the jab and come around with the huge left hook, which is what is believed to be his specialty, once he gets the jab running in his face. exploiting his advantages of height and reach as well. Garcia might not really need to be hanging out with Fortuna since he can get a little unkempt and rough on the inside. He can pick him apart from a distance on the outside because of his razor-sharp jab.

Fortuna’s winning strategy

He must keep pressing Garcia. He is unable to come in and kind of counter that jab while sitting outside as he does. Garcia is moving too quickly, so he must punch while Garcia is punching. Garcia will be in the way, so he cannot think, “Let me block the punch and then fire off.” Garcia must be stopped mid-punch by him, and he must not be allowed to establish a rhythm. Keep pressing him. Increase your punch count to just knock him off his feet.

X factor

Garcia’s acceleration is to blame. Fortuna just is not able to compete with it, and I believe that is where Garcia’s strength comes from because of his quick hands and quick whipping hook. I am convinced that he will be able to capture Fortuna with it. It seems like it is coming to an end with a left hook.

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