Javier Fortuna vs the Ryan Garcia odds, live stream, and Predictions

Aug 3, 2022

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When Ryan Garcia (22 to 0, 18 KOs) fights fellow contender Javier Fortuna (37 to 3 to 1, 26 KOs) on Saturday in Los Angeles, he hopes to secure a victory that will put him in contention for a shot at the lightweight title.

Garcia, 23, has a sizable social media following and is one of the most well-liked boxers in the sport. Last year, he defeated Luke Campbell to win an interim title fight, but he was unable to cash in on the victory. He was out of the ring for more than a year due to a fractured wrist and taking time away from the sport to look after his mental health. In April, when he eventually made a comeback, he decisively defeated Emmanuel Tagoe in a unanimous vote.

Fortuna, a 33-year-old southpaw with experience who enjoys throwing blows, could give Garcia a good test. After losing a thrilling interim title fight to JoJo Diaz in July of last year, he bounced back in February by stopping Rafael Hernandez in the first round.

Fortuna vs. Garcia fight information

When: July 16 at 8 p.m. on Saturday. ET (main card)

Where: Los Angeles’s Crypto.com Arena

DAZN, live streaming (subscription required)

Odds: Garcia -1200 ($1,200 bet for $100 return), Fortuna +650 ($100 bet for $650 return).

Preview and Predictions

Garcia might be in a position for a world title fight if he defeats Fortuna on Saturday. Although he has a history of conflict with Devin Haney (the WBC Super, WBA, WBO, and IBF world champion), a fight with WBC “regular” champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis may be more plausible.

If Garcia performs well on Saturday, according to his promoter Oscar De La Hoya, he will target that matchup. 

According to Michael Rosenthal of USA Today, De La Hoya stated that “Ryan Garcia wants Gervonta Davis.” And in my capacity as his promoter, I’ll help him acquire what he wants so that the fight can take place. It won’t be simple, I’m afraid. You are aware that [PBC’s] Al Haymon is across the street and that he is constantly trying to break up fights in order to keep them between members of his stable solely.

Fortuna is a terrific place to start if Garcia and De La Hoya believe Davis is the best option moving forward. Like Davis, Fortuna is a southpaw who enjoys stringing up combinations and being aggressive when he can. Fortuna doesn’t have the same power as Tank, but he does have a respectable KO record with 26 knockouts in 41 professional fights.

In his career, Garcia has struggled defensively. Garcia struggled to outfoot Campbell, who was also a southpaw, throughout their bout, leaving Garcia open to hammer punches. Campbell was also a southpaw, and Garcia was knocked down in the second round. Garcia eventually won by knockout, although it took longer than it needed to.

Garcia has probably made defense a priority in his training with coach Joe Goossen in light of that performance.

“We’re focusing on little details and techniques, and defensive things that I may not have cared about because I was so quick. Keeping my chin down. It just didn’t matter if I had my hand up or not, they were just going to get knocked out—similar to Roy Jones Jr.,” Garcia told BoxingScene.com’s Manouk Akopyan.

Fortuna will probably be in a position to take advantage of defensive mistakes because of its volume punching. Errors might allow him to offset Garcia’s advantages in speed, height, and reach in the ring. The Dominican believes that, despite being a significant underdog, he has a chance to surprise the younger A-side.

“Ryan is a good fighter, but we hope that this time around he doesn’t have any excuses not to fight me. I see that he is very focused on another fight instead of focusing on the fight he has this Saturday. And we hope that after I beat him on Saturday he doesn’t have any excuses,” Fortuna said, per BoxingScene.com.

Garcia ought to be able to control Fortuna if he is performing at his peak. He possesses the talent and quickness to set up combinations or sneak in counterpunches. According to Mikaela Mayer, the featherweight champion, who examined the contest for ESPN.com, Garcia has what it takes to prevail:

“I see Garcia stopping Fortuna. The speed and the power that he has will be the difference. The power comes from that speed, the force, and the speed. I just think that Fortuna isn’t the smartest when it comes to attacks and he leaves himself open. Eventually, he’s going to get caught with the left hook.”

This bout may resemble Garcia’s clash with Campbell since both boxers are open to the correct strike. The seasoned player will probably strive to make an early impression and seize an opportunity. Garcia should ultimately succeed, but Fortuna will make it more difficult than some might anticipate.

Ryan Garcia facing Gervonta Davis, according to Oscar De La Hoya, is “quite likely.”

A huge fight can be organized by Oscar De La Hoya. He has organized high-profile events as the president of Golden Boy Promotions, but he has also long been a top draw in the industry, having fought in some of the biggest, most renowned, and most lucrative ring battles in history. De La Hoya is already openly discussing a possible superbout between his boxer Ryan Garcia and Gervonta “Tank” Davis. De La Hoya told FightHub that a fight between the two well-known lightweights was “quite likely.” De La Hoya doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that Davis currently competes for Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions.

“We’ve worked with PBC before in the past,” De La Hoya said. “It’s not easy, but I’m going to start pushing it hard and if I have to push it hard in the media then I’m going to do so.” De La Hoya also made it clear that he believes fan support may be needed as well if a Davis-Garcia match is to come to fruition. “If the fans can get behind me to push for that fight,” he said, “then I can think we can pressure them once and for all to make that fight happen.”

Of course, some could argue that Garcia and his team ought to be concentrating right now on Saturday night when the 22 to 0 Garcia will compete in Los Angeles against Javier Fortuna. Garcia appears to want a bout with Davis, and De La Hoya says it is his responsibility to give his boxer what he wants. “The bottom line is that he wants to fight,” De La Hoya said, “and as his promoter, if he wants the fight, then we get him the fight.” Garcia shares characteristics with undefeated, 27 to 0 knockout artist Davis, according to De La Hoya.

“They have the [it] factor,’” De La Hoya said of both fighters. Garcia is not even close to as successful as Davis, despite the fact that both men can attract attention (Davis draws large crowds of live fans while Garcia has millions of followers on social media). However, the Garcia team doesn’t appear to care. Regarding a match with Davis, De La Hoya stated, “I think it’s the proper time.” Javier Fortuna undoubtedly has a point to make about that. But if Garcia defeats Fortuna this weekend as predicted, it raises the question of who the 23-year-old will face next. 

Ryan Garcia’s following fight must be against Gervonta Davis.

The current “it” guy in boxing is Ryan Garcia.

He is now a more high-profile commodity than his ring history deserves because of a potent combination of attractiveness, ebullient personality, and enormous social media following.

So far, it has been functioning adequately.

But despite the possibility that non-combat bells and whistles may always divert casual fans, he will need to establish real in-ring street cred in order to surpass Kardashian-style celebrity.

It helped the cause that Javier Fortuna, a former second-tier title holder at 130 pounds, was defeated by KO in the sixth round on Saturday. Garcia swarmed the 33-year-old Dominican for the majority of the fight in Los Angeles, landing powerful blows to the body and head that resulted in three knockdowns.

Given that the battle was at 140 pounds and Fortuna hadn’t won a fight that truly mattered in a few years, the performance wasn’t exactly the stuff that guaranteed Hall of Fame inductions are built off, but it did excite the crowds in his SoCal backyard.

In other words, even if he has a spotless 23 to 0 record and is ranked sixth at lightweight by The Ring, he will need more than a few new Instagram followers to win over the purists.

That implies his next adversary will have to fulfill a few requirements.

He must be more of a 10/90 prospect than a 50/50 one. He must have achieved a significant victory since the beginning of 2021. Additionally, he will need to be skilled enough to convince Garcia to use the equipment his hype men have been raving about.

Thankfully, there is one man who fits all three criteria.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis was his name.

The 27-year-old Baltimore native is ranked 135 in The Ring’s rankings, one spot ahead of Garcia, and plays with a rough-hewn ferocity while displaying highlight-producing one-shot power. He shares space with Garcia as one of the sport’s top young stars.

He started out as the legitimate IBF/WBA champion at 130 pounds before “progressing” to phony secondary title claims at 135 and 140 pounds. He has held belts of varied value in three weight divisions.

Without a doubt, his quality is undeniable as proven by his 27 to 0 record with 25 knockouts since 2013 and the fact that he was listed among the “five more who may easily be here” on Boxing Scene’s pound-for-pound top 10 last month.

In other words, he already embodies Garcia’s stated goals.

And the bout is everything a promoter could want and more.

Given that both fighters have demonstrated fight-altering power to the head and body, the style clash between a lanky 5’10” right-hander and a predatory 5’6″ southpaw is particularly fascinating.

In January 2021, “King Ryan” used a single hook to the liver to knock out seasoned challenger Luke Campbell, but Davis’ uppercut knockout of triple-division champion Leo Santa Cruz three months earlier still makes viewers wince uncontrollably every time they see it.

Davis has recently competed to packed houses in Baltimore, Atlanta, and New York while building on a hometown basis that has expanded into crowds littered with high-profile sportsmen and celebrities jostling for space. This fan base clash is equally exciting.

Garcia, on the other hand, combines the traditional boxing zeal that comes from his Mexican-American family with the new-school ideas that contribute to his 1.21 million YouTube subscribers and 8.9 million Instagram followers.

Teenagers will give you a blank expression if you ask them about Julio Cesar Chavez. You’ll instantly recognize Garcia if you ask the same adolescent about him.

The finest justification for the conflict, perhaps?

At least when there are microphones around, both males appear to want it.

For the past few months, the rivalry has kept each man’s name in the other’s mouth. Garcia responds by claiming that Davis has been shielded by promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. Davis has claimed that the match was made in public but rejected behind the scenes.

In fact, everyone of Davis’ last five opponents was a client of Mayweather Promotions or the Premier Boxing Champions stable, two organizations with which “Money’s” company has a tight relationship. The management of Golden Boy Promotions has since suggested that Davis breaking ranks would make the Garcia fight more feasible.

Prior to Davis’ match with Rolando Romero in May, such a breakup seemed certain, but neither the athlete nor Mayweather have offered mumanyetails on the union since. Golden Boy reportedly increased the stakes in June by making Davis a “multi, multi, multi, multi-million-dollar offer,” but they got no concrete response.

Garcia continued to chant “bring me Davis” in front of DAZN viewers on Saturday as he yearned for a rematch. According to former New York State Athletic Commission chairman and Sirius XM host Randy Gordon, fans’ top fight picks include a Davis-Garcia matchup and Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence.

It’s a never-ending soap opera between businesspeople and on social media.

However, if the competitors are who they claim to be, this wish won’t be a fantasy for much longer.

“I will fight Tank next,” Garcia said. “If Tank wants it, let’s get it. I have a spirit of competition in me, and you’re gonna see it when I fight Tank Davis, and I’m gonna whip his ass.” 

Analyzing Ryan Garcia’s contest with Javier Fortuna, Mikaela Mayer

When Ryan Garcia competes against Javier Fortuna on Saturday night at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, it will likely be his toughest test yet (DAZN, 8 p.m. ET).

This 12-round lightweight fight between Garcia (22-0, 18 KO), of Victorville, California, and Fortuna (37-3-1, 26 KO), of the Dominican Republic, is a rematch of a contest that was originally scheduled for 2021 but was postponed after Garcia withdrew to address his mental health.

What could possibly occur when the two of them enter the ring? Mikaela Mayer, the WBO and IBF women’s junior lightweight champion, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of both competitors and her predictions for the battle.

Note from the editor: Responses have been condensed and modified for clarity.

What are Ryan Garcia’s strengths?

In comparison to Fortuna, he is taller, has greater reach, and is skilled at managing distance. He has terrific speed, a great lead jab, and a great left hook, all of which will work in his favor in this fight because, when facing a lefty like Fortuna, he is always vulnerable to that hook.

I believe Garcia has a natural affinity for that hook and that jab. He occasionally manages to avoid that jab a little bit. He’s confident throwing that hook, but I’d like to see him really keep that jab in Fortuna’s face and keep him on the outside. If Garcia’s team has been keeping an eye on Fortuna, they must be aware that when he lets go of his hands, he sort of waits on the outside before attacking, and when he does, it’s not a particularly tight attack. He is honest. He might be caught in the act of doing wrong.

After having a look at that, I believe Garcia and his trainer Joe Goossen will decide to stand their ground and simply catch him with a powerful left hook. Fortuna is a little bit shorter, so he doesn’t want to be missing, so perhaps to the body. Right at the shoulder is where he wants to dig.

What are Javier Fortuna’s strengths?

Fortuna is a touch out of the ordinary. In the ring, he becomes a little bit filthy. He has fought 20 times more than Garcia, so he does have that advantage in experience. Because he won’t want to stand outside with Garcia, he will have to let go of his hands in order to defeat the opponent. He must release his grip on them.

Garcia tends to be a little bit direct at times. My favorite thing about him is that. His feet occasionally come together, his chin doesn’t stay tucked, and he stands quite erect. Fortuna must therefore continue applying pressure to keep him off balance. Garcia will pick him apart with the jab all day, so don’t stand outside as he does with some people.

What are Garcia’s weaknesses?

Garcia’s main flaw, as indicated, is that he always stands straight up with his chin raised. Even though he was in training, I saw this on social media. Apparently, the trainers have not noticed or fixed it. When I jump rope, my instructor Al Mitchell makes me tuck my chin. Like, “Tuck your chin!” And I’m like, “Oh my god, OK.”

He has been caught before, so his chin is dead in the air. It resembles the way Luke Campbell caught him and brought him to the ground. It was evident how upright he is. He is susceptible to that, and Fortuna’s team is no doubt considering that.

He also tends to jump straight back occasionally, and when you jump straight back while also being straight up in the air, that’s how you can also get trapped.

What are Fortuna’s weaknesses?

He does not move very quickly in comparison to Garcia. He exerts pressure, but it’s not always the best kind of pressure. When he attacks, he kind of leaks in with his wide-ranged punches because he prefers to wait until he is ready to do so. When he’s pursuing an opponent, he can get caught in between punches. His defense is not particularly tight, and he frequently keeps his hands low. He will be more open to Garcia’s left hook as a result.

When he attacks, his punches can be broad because he sits back on the outside and wears earmuffs (hands to his ears) to block off the sound. They don’t fall exactly in the middle. And that’s when you get caught—when you’re slow and broad. He’s not as quick as Garcia, and I believe it will make him more susceptible while throwing.

How does Garcia win?

He must continue to follow that jab. He has a great, quick jab, although he occasionally escapes it in the second part of contests. Jabbing, then feinting, and then bringing the hook around. He can fake the jab and come around with the huge left hook, which is what I believe to be his specialty, once he gets the jab running in his face. exploiting his advantages of height and reach as well. I don’t think Garcia really needs to be hanging out with Fortuna since he can get a little unkempt and rough on the inside. He can pick him apart from a distance on the outside because of his razor-sharp jab.

How does Fortuna win?

He must keep pressing Garcia. He is unable to come in and kind of counter that jab while sitting outside as he does. Garcia is moving too quickly, so he must punch while Garcia is punching. Garcia will be in the way, so he cannot think, “Let me block the punch and then fire off.” Garcia must be stopped mid-punch by him, and he must not be allowed to establish a rhythm. Keep pressing him. Increase your punch count to just knock him off his feet.

X factor

It is Garcia’s speed. Fortuna just cannot match it and I think that’s where Garcia’s power comes in because he’s got those fast hands and that fast whipping hook. So, I really think he’s going to be able to just catch Fortuna with that. That’s how I see it ending, one left hook.

Who wins?

I see Garcia stopping Fortuna. The speed and the power that he has will be the difference. The power comes from that speed, the force, and the speed. I just think that Fortuna isn’t the smartest when it comes to attacks and he leaves himself open. Eventually, he is going to get caught with the left hook. I think Garcia wins by knockout, I don’t have a round, but Garcia has been coming out quickly in his last few fights. He puts the pressure on, even though he’s a taller, rangier boxer. I sort of see him doing that again and I think the stoppage will probably come in the first half of the fight.

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