Floyd Mayweather slams Ryan Garcia over his feud with Canelo Alvarez

Jul 18, 2022

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Floyd Mayweather believes Ryan Garcia is unqualified to publicly criticize Canelo Alvarez.

Floyd Mayweather recently spoke with Fight Hype about his opinions on the battle and the comments spoken between former training colleagues Canelo Alvarez and Ryan Garcia.

Garcia has been quite public about his dissatisfaction with how things played out at Team Canelo, and Floyd proposes that Garcia achieve more before passing judgment on the Mexican star.

“You see Ryan Garcia, first he’s praising Canelo, he wants to learn from Canelo, you in Canelo’s training camp,” Mayweather explained. “Now it’s all hate — ‘Oh, I don’t like him, I don’t like this, I don’t like him.’

“Accomplish what Canelo has accomplished, then speak bad about him, but you don’t need to speak bad about him no way because we all need to stay in our own lane and do us. So you really don’t need to speak bad about him no way if you went to his camp to learn from him and to be a student.”

Mayweather also expressed his admiration for Canelo, saying, “One thing about Canelo, he’s gonna step up to the plate and do what he’s got to do, he’s gonna fight. I might shoot shit at him but he’s gonna fight.”

“I can’t knock the motherfucker because he’s going down in the Hall of Fame. Pacquiao, going down in the Hall of Fame, and these are the guys that I went up against. I will always give guys their flowers. I’m not a hater, man.”

Amateur boxing career of Mayweather

Mayweather had an amateur record of 84 wins and 8 defeats, and he won national Golden Gloves titles in 1993 (at 106 pounds), 1994 (at 114 pounds), and 1996 (at 114 pounds) (at 125 lb). His amateur teammates dubbed him “Pretty Boy” because he had minimal scars as a consequence of the defensive skills taught to him by his father and uncle (Roger Mayweather). Mayweather frequently employs the shoulder roll in his orthodox defensive stance, an old-school boxing technique in which the right hand is held normally (or slightly higher than normal), the left hand is down around the midsection, and the lead shoulder is raised high on the cheek to cover the chin and block punches. The right hand (as in the orthodox posture) is used normally: to block strikes from the opposite side, such as left hooks. Mayweather blocks, slips, and deflects the majority of his opponents’ blows (even when cornered) by twisting left and right to the rhythm of their punches from this position.

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