Where would the latest Ginebra team stand among Tim Cone’s other teams?

Feb 5, 2023

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The PBA’s most successful coach believes that, after more than three decades and 25 championships, he may have saved his best crop of talent for last.

Tim Cone considers his talent-filled Ginebra team of today among his all-time best players and expresses his excitement about only scratching the surface of the potential of his young guns. Cone has coached players like Abarrientos, Lastimosa, and Chambers in Alaska in addition to the Yap-Pingris-Simon trio at B-Meg/San Mig Coffee.

In his Power & Play program, Cone stated that he thought this Ginebra team was among their greatest in terms of talent. Cone was speaking to former PBA commissioner Noli Eala.

Even though Miah Gray is very tall and Jamie Malonzo is obviously very athletic, they are still both very young. Miah Gray even has some of Jamie Malonzo’s athleticism. The interesting part of it all is that there is still so much that they can do and learn.

The 65-year-old coach also acknowledged how his veteran group helped the legendary team reach new heights as they continued to create their own legacies alongside the team’s potential stars.

Throughout his career, He had never coached a player with Japeth Aguilar’s level of athleticism. He also mentioned L.A. Tenorio, who is 38 and is still regarded as the floor’s leader, and Japeth, who just managed to turn 36. The younger players will eventually step up as the veterans depart, and that is how you keep developing a group of players.

The four-time Coach of the Year, who has been in the PBA for 34 years and counting, has a resume unlike any other and bears his constant inspiration every day as a basketball mentor, stimulating growth in his athletes as a “instructor” figure.

The aspects that motivate him as a coach are seeing young players improve like Jamie Malonzo, seeing a player like Scottie Thompson progress from where he was to where he is now, and seeing players bond and grow as a team, said Cone. Maybe because he always felt like a teacher beyond anything else, he replied.

Cone’s having won legacy, which is the best for a head coach in the league’s 48-year history, may not be over just yet, but the multi-champion tactician thinks his history of all-time world titles, like any other record, will soon be broken.

He believes that all records were intended to be broken. He pointed everyone’s attention to Baby Dalupan’s record and declared that nobody would ever be able to surpass it. In addition, he believes that there will be a young coach who can go and break the record. This coach could be Aldin Ayo or another person.

Cone was quick to overlook the potentiality of repeating his Grand Slam feat for a third time in the near future despite strengthening Ginebra’s championship pedigree during his current coaching stint because he only thinks about the challenge at hand and not anything else.

They would not even attempt to think or speak about the Grand Slam. Nobody even brings up championships when we enter a conference. Although it may be difficult to imagine, they really do try to concentrate only on the daily tasks and what is immediately in front of them.

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