Jun 13, 2022

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Family heritage, names and surnames, all but interesting takes on any athlete from any field of sport. Interestingly, there are some who hold noteworthy ancestry and lineage building up the background. Scottie Thompson spikes intrigue amongst many of his fans. Many are still in the dark and plainly unaware of his ancestry, that is being American as his American sounding surname suggests. 7 years into his colorful career in the PBA, we’ve seen his very Filipino appearance, knowing very little of his ancestry. In an interview published online, Thompson sheds light on his surprising lineage. “Actually ang great grandfather ko is a black American,” said the newly minted PBA MVP. “Bale lolo ko na sa tuhod.” Apparently, he has Afro-American roots from his great grandfather (lolo sa tuhod). This explains the American surname. More interesting about his name is the fact that His dad named him after former Chicago Bulls star player Scottie Pipen. From name to reality – a star player named after a star player. “Based sa kwento na naririnig ko sa family namin, US Navyman na napadpad dito,” recounts the 28-year old Thompson, who was born and raised in Padada town in Davao del Sur, a province in Mindanao, a southern region of the Philippines. Thompson shares “Yung lolo ko, black pa talaga ang appearance, pero Bisaya na magsalita. Pero yung dad ko, hindi na,” he said. “Ang sabi nila, kahit one-fourth or one-eighth [ang blood], may lilitaw pa rin daw na black e. Tsamba, sa anak mo.” According to the MVP, his grandfather still carried strong American features but already spoke the local language (the Cebuano-Bisaya dialect). Scottie is one-eighth American, which may explain why he has this explosive agility worthy not only of professional basketball but league MVP as well. Many believe that the Filipino build is not the best for basketball. Boxing may ring a bell as one that fits the ethnic biological physique. Scottie Thompson just so happens to carry a mold breaker. A Filipino is really fit for the game. Scottie agrees saying “Nasa dugo rin,” said the 6-foot-1 former NCAA MVP out of Perpetual Help. “Kahit papaano, meron din sigurong part ang pagiging Thompson ko. “Sobrang thankful sa great grandfather ko.” The grateful MVP thanks his grandfather for this genetic gift of athleticism. A Quick History of the Afro-American players and the Sport The game was invented in 1891, and it was professionally played in Trenton, New Jersey by 1898. The first African American to play basketball in an organized white league was not until 1902. In 1902, Harry “Bucky” Lew of the New England Basketball League’s Lowell (versus. Marlboro) became the first Black player to play in a professional basketball game. In the 1950s, African-Americans began to join the ranks of professional athletes (the NBA). Since then, it has grown in popularity and excitement around the world. The NBA’s African-American players have helped to turn the sport into a multibillion-dollar business. Today, More Americans play basketball than any other team sport, according to the National Sporting Goods Association, with over 26 million Americans playing basketball. Current studies show Currently, 11% of Americans say that basketball is their favorite sport, and more than 26 million actually play the game themselves Back to Scottie with the Afro-American roots sharing his prep In the interview, Scottie Thompson shared how he casually prepared for this season with a good and well deserved rest with the lovable wife who shares the title being the woman behind the champ. What awaits Scottie Thompson, Ginebra in the new Season? Big things await the great and we have much to anticipate as the MVP revs into play this season. Will we see another MVP title for Thompson? Let’s stay tuned to his Season 47 rampage.
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