Mikey Williams Is Expected to Arrive Early Sunday Morning, According to TNT

Jun 24, 2022

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AT LONG LAST Mikey Williams is expected to arrive in the Philippines early Sunday morning, according to TNT coach Chot Reyes. Williams, who left for Manila a few hours before TNT’s game against Meralco at the Ynares Center on Saturday, was welcomed back by Reyes. Kib Montalbo is out of TNT for a bit due to a strained groin. “As best as we can tell, he boarded a plane at 1 p.m.” Kanina, [earlier] it’s our turn. He’ll be there at 4 a.m. “I’ll tell you tomorrow morning,” Reyes stated on Saturday. “Sumakay na siya sa eroplano. [He had already boarded the plane] Hopefully, he arrives tomorrow morning,” Reyes also stated. After negotiations stagnated and an agreement could not be reached in time for the start of the season, Williams is scheduled to rejoin the team. Even though then-team manager Gabby Cui was out of the country due to a family situation, Reyes took part in the negotiations. During the negotiations, Reyes said he and Williams had no disagreements. “Wala namang problema kami kay Mikey [we don’t have a problem with Mikey]. There was no problem. It was the people around him. ‘Yung sinasabi niya dati na [what he said before] we should have fixed things after the first conference, yes, we were trying to. But we had to go through other people. Alam niyo naman na hindi pwede sa PBA diba? Doon nagkaproblema, [ you know that it’s not allowed in PBA, there was a problem]” Reyes stated without further explanation. “But between Mikey and myself, wala namang problema [doesn’t have a problema]. Hopefully, now that he is on board to play to come over, that’s a great sign of his intent to really come in and play for the team,” Reyes mentioned. Williams’ arrival, according to Reyes, will be a boost for TNT, especially since Ryan Reyes and Kib Montalbo are both sidelined with injuries. In the Tropang Giga’s match against Meralco, Jayson Castro was also injured. In jest, Reyes said, “Hindi na kailangang umiskor ng 30 points lagi si Roger. Roger doesn’t need to score 30 points]” “Magkakaroon na siya ng katulong [He will have a helper] although we know that he is not going to be in game shape. But with the injuries that we are having, we need all the help we can get. Hopefully, Mikey is in decent shape to be able to help us in the next game.
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