Following the success of the preseason, the PBA is considering holding ‘On Tour 2.0’ in the future

Aug 10, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The PBA was considering the possibility of another exciting “On Tour” experience in the future as the two-month-long preseason games came to an end. The idea became quite well-liked and speculations regarding its potential return in following seasons began.

When asked about this intriguing possibility, Commissioner Willie Marcial said that while holding another “On Tour” event is being considered, it depends on the league’s next schedule of events. The event’s future will be largely determined by the league’s adaptability and reactivity to fan engagement and team participation.

Due to the national team’s commitments to the FIBA World Cup and Asian Games, the introduction of the “On Tour” idea was a calculated strategic move that coincided with the prolonged winter break. Teams played a total of 11 games over the two-month season, showing off their skills in settings outside than the league’s customary venues.

Preseason games were played in a number of exciting cities, including Baliwag Bulacan, Tiaong Quezon, Batangas City, and Dumaguete City, revitalizing the PBA’s out-of-town game presence. This tactical move fulfilled a number of objectives, including giving new rookie players a platform to showcase their abilities and permitting the testing of new rules that will make their debut in the forthcoming 48th season.

The ‘On Tour’ idea breathed new life into the league by rekindling interest and piqued interest in both players and spectators. The first All-Star weekend held in Passi, Iloilo City, since 2019 was a huge success, demonstrating the potential of such initiatives to reenergize the PBA’s connection with its passionate and diversified fanbase.

In essence, the PBA’s investigation of the “On Tour” idea adds a dynamic dimension to the league’s structure, creating opportunities for uncommon encounters and deeper ties with fans worldwide. While the league’s immediate attention is on its approaching 48th season, the possibility of future ‘On Tour’ events adds an interesting layer to the PBA’s evolution and engagement tactics.

The PBA’s “On Tour” program not only provided the excitement of away games but also functioned as a trial run for new regulations that are expected to influence the league’s future. The addition of the coaching challenge gave the gameplay a fascinating new dimension and prompted debates and strategic insights among teams and fans alike.

For aspiring first-round draft picks, such as Fran Yu and Kim Aurin, the “On Tour” turned into a platform where they could display their abilities and potential value to the league. Their performances offered a preview of PBA basketball’s potential, stoking interest and enthusiasm.

The ‘On Tour’ spotlight not only shone a light on possible draft picks, but also on the skills of back-up players. The opportunity to shine was grasped by James Laput, Jhonard Clarito, Carl Bryan Cruz, Raymond Aguilar, Sidney Onwubere, Jayson David, Ben Adamos, and Keith Zaldivar, who demonstrated their readiness to have an important impact on the court.

In essence, the PBA’s ‘On Tour’ trip served as a diverse platform, a testing ground for rule improvements and a showcase for up-and-coming players. The ‘On Tour’ experience becomes a crucial chapter in the PBA’s story of growth, flexibility, and the celebration of basketball brilliance as the league continues to develop and embrace new possibilities.

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