Despite Being Injured, Barroca Is Anxious to Prove He Is an Ironman in His Own Right

Jun 18, 2022

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After suffering a calf injury last week that put his streak of consecutive games in risk, Magnolia guard Mark Barroca has no plans to miss games. Update on Mark Barroca’s injury During Friday’s meeting against Converge, Barroca suffered a calf injury and missed the rest of the game. In the Hotshots’ 80 to 77 win over NorthPort on Wednesday, the Magnolia guard played 20 minutes and finished with eight points and two rebounds, extending his game streak to 496. With Magnolia’s opponents on Friday and Sunday being San Miguel and Barangay Ginebra, Barroca said he intends to participate to support the squad. When asked if he plans to miss games, Barroca said, “Wala.” “Pagkatapos naman, malayo pa ‘yung game uli namin. One week. Doon na lang ako magpapahinga siguro.” Only LA Tenorio has a longer streak than Barroca, who has a total of 701 consecutive games. Barroca considers this calf issue to be his worst in his career, despite escaping significant injury and maintaining a streak of games played. However, the 36-year-old claims that rest is helping him. Barroca added “Biglaan lang eh. Mag-isa pa ako. Nagulat nga ako eh. Pag-extend ko kay Stockton, parang may pumitik. Hindi tuloy ako naka-layup. Hindi mo talaga maiiwasan ang disgrasya. So far, getting better hindi katulad nung last game. Nanigas talga sobra. May pain pa rin. Pero siguro ‘yung pain ngayon, nasa bandang 6, 7. Hindi katulad noon na 10 talaga. Gusto ko man pumasok, hindi ako makalakad ng maayos. Parang may nagbabara sa calf ko,” “Hindi ako 100 percent. Naninigas talaga kanina. Nandito lang naman ako. Ayoko lang na katulad nung sa Converge na kailangan namin ng guard,” said Barroca, referring to the time that he was unable to play that led to an 87 to 82 loss in overtime to the FiberXers. “Puwede talagang ipahinga talaga. Pero 0 to 2 eh. Desperate na kami. Iba ‘yung 0 to 3 kesa 1-2. Kailangang maglaro. May dalawang games pa kami na back-to-back,” Barroca said. He also mentioned “Masaya kami na nanalo. Masakit man, pagod, pero worth it naman,” On calf injuries Adults who engage in activities that demand rapid accelerations and decelerations, as well as rapid changes in direction, may develop a calf strain. Basketball and tennis are examples of such sports. It is caused by an injury to one or more of the lower leg muscles, such as the gastrocnemius, soleus, or plantaris. Pain in the back of the lower leg or behind the knee is the most prevalent symptom. Although the damage is usually acute, persistent strains can occur. Patients often experience a tearing or popping sensation in the affected region, typically while pushing off the affected foot with the ankle bent upward and the knee straight. Patients may be unable to walk and notice bruising around and below the area of pain. Steps to preventing calf injury 1. Before you play basketball, warm up your muscles. Basketball necessitates fast calf muscle movements, and cold muscles are more prone to ripping. Before playing, a 10-minute brisk walk or mild jog warms up your muscles and helps your calves adjust to the physical stress of basketball. If you’re going to play in the cold, make sure you’re dressed warmly. 2. Calves should receive strength training. Muscle fatigue is caused by improper conditioning, which reduces muscle endurance. Basketball drills put too much stress on the calf muscle when muscles are exhausted. Calf raises are a straightforward and efficient way to strengthen your calves. Stand with your feet flat on the floor and about 6 inches apart to complete calf lifts. For support, grab a wall or a railing. Raise your body to your toes on the balls of your feet and hold for five seconds before lowering your heel to the ground. Repeat the up-and-down motion 15 times more. By using dumbbells or a barbell, you can enhance the intensity. 3. After a game of basketball, stretch. Stretching induces muscle stress by causing minute microscopic tears in the muscle. Stretching’s tear and recovery cycle helps to enhance flexibility, but only if stretches are done after basketball rather than before. Stretching should never be followed by vigorous or intensive physical activity since it stimulates the muscle. This raises the risk of muscle strain. Place your palms flat on a wall at shoulder height to stretch your calf. Maintain a straight back and arms. In a splits stance, step back with your left leg until your feet are about 2 feet apart. Maintain a flat floor with both feet. Bring your nose about 3 inches from the wall while bending your right leg toward it. Firmly plant your left heel on the ground. 30 seconds of holding Your calf should be tense but not painful. If the stretch hurts, let go of some tension before continuing.
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