Aldin Ayo refutes speculations that he would leave Converge, saying, “I’m planning to settle here”

Mar 31, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Aldin Ayo, the head coach of Converge, confirmed his unwavering dedication to the new PBA team despite rumors that he was about to leave.

Following reports of his departure, the rookie mentor has been a big topic online for the previous few weeks. But he claimed that he already has plans to settle down and carry on developing with the baseball club.

Ayo, who became a part of the team last September, expressed his commitment to develop the players as per the multi-year contract he signed. He stated that their objective is to nurture the talent of the team members and improve their skills to help them perform better in the future.

The coach acknowledged the history of his career, which involved frequent changes in teams. However, he believed that he had finally found a team with a supportive management. Ayo mentioned that he had worked with different teams in the past, including Colegio de San Juan de Letran, De La Salle University, University of Santo Tomas, and Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3. He further added that he intended to settle down with the current team and work for them to achieve their goals.

Ayo’s dedication to the team and his willingness to commit to a long-term plan demonstrate his determination to build a strong and successful team. With his experience and expertise in coaching, he aims to guide the players to reach their full potential and help the team perform better in future competitions.

He expressed that the coaching staff of the team is committed to achieving the goals set by the management. They aim to fulfill the objectives and targets set by the team’s management, and will work towards achieving them to the best of their abilities.

This highlights the importance of a unified approach and collective effort towards achieving success. It also emphasizes the crucial role of the coaching staff in guiding the team towards achieving their goals. By aligning themselves with the management’s vision for the team, the coaching staff can create a cohesive strategy to help the team improve their performance and achieve success.

This only reflects the dedication of the coaching staff towards the team’s success, as they strive to meet the expectations and objectives set by the management.

Ayo declared as much on Sunday night, just after Converge exited the Governors’ Cup quarterfinals after losing to the 2-seed San Miguel team 121-105.

The FiberXers were eliminated from the QF for the second time in a row and third times overall under the 45-year-old bench tactician. Additionally, it was the second conference in a row that the young group fell to the Beermen in the playoffs.

However, Sunday’s defeat was even more difficult to accept because it resulted in the No. 7 squad taking an early vacation even though it would also entail months of labor for the crew.

The team’s loss on Sunday also marked the conclusion of Ayo’s first season as a PBA head coach, and he is now more aware of the specific improvements he would like to see that would enable the group to develop into what they would like it to be.

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