NBA 2022: Following an altercation, Draymond Green Walks Away from Warriors

Oct 12, 2022

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GOLDEN State, USA – After the star forward severely punched teammate Jordan Poole in the face on Wednesday, coach Steve Kerr announced that Draymond Green will be leaving the Golden State Warriors indefinitely. 

The Warriors star issued a formal apology on Saturday and said he would be taking a break to let the squad “heal” from the incident. 

Green was supposed to rejoin the group for Saturday’s workout. He stated that he hopes to participate in the season-opening game for Golden State on October 18, although he is unsure of his status and the length of his absence. 

Poole wasn’t hurt in the struggle. Green, a fiery veteran who has been a part of Golden State’s four titles since 2015–16, wasn’t either.

Green did not go into detail about what precipitated the physical altercation, but he did claim that he was already dealing with something upsetting on the day in question and that neither player’s unresolved contract status had anything to do with it.

After expressing regret to everyone on Thursday, he stated he is giving Poole some room. Green, who described himself as “a very imperfect human being,” said he would take his leave of absence to figure out new ways to manage his emotions and said he wanted to give Poole and the Warriors time to recover from the incident and concentrate on defending their championship. 

Green declared that he would accept the challenge of “righting the ship,” which he described as a “not so simple procedure.” 

But he added, “I also look forward to keeping on improving myself, my emotional condition, and how I handle my emotions. “I believe that one skill I lack is the ability to express my emotions,”

When Green will return, according to Kerr, there is “no predetermined date” and it will be decided based on individual conversations among all parties concerned. 

The punch was captured on camera and released on Friday by TMZ. The video shows Green approaching Poole close to the baseline and the two of them coming together. Green hit Poole in the face after being pushed away by Poole with both hands, sending the fourth-year guard into the wall behind the baseline.

“No. 1. I made a mistake with respect to what I did on Wednesday. I’ve apologized for it to my team. During a nearly 40-minute news conference, Green apologized to Jordan. “I wanted to go one step farther with that. There is a great level of shame associated with the incident that occurred yesterday as a result of the video leak, not only for myself but also for Jordan, this team, this company, and Jordan’s family.

“His mother and father watched that film, as did the rest of his family. To be really honest, I can imagine how my mother would react if she saw that video. 

Kerr pressed everyone in the company to tighten up their approach to leaks. 

As someone who has played in this league for more than 30 years, Kerr added, “I’ve seen all kinds of strange stuff.” “When things are held inside, they’re almost too easy to bear; everything runs so much more smoothly, and you can move on. Every player is affected when information is revealed, and all hell breaks loose as a result. We are forced to respond to all of these inquiries, which puts us and everyone else in a precarious position.

In Green’s place, Jonathan Kuminga, a second-year forward, will take the field Sunday against the Lakers in a preseason game. Green apologized in the video, and when asked about it, he responded, “That’s above my power.”

Since Thursday, attention has focused on the incident in which Green hit Poole during a Warriors practice. Following the release of the video of the altercation, Green says he will take a few days off to give the squad time to “heal.”

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