Following Clarkson’s victory for a FIBA World Cup spot, Brownlee is all for the “bigger picture.”

Aug 18, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Justin Brownlee sees the addition of NBA veteran Jordan Clarkson to the Gilas Pilipinas roster for the FIBA World Cup as a confirmation of “special talent,” which he completely supports. Brownlee’s words demonstrate his dedication to the success of the squad and his desire for the Philippine team to perform at the highest level.

Brownlee’s optimism is evident as he supports Jordan Clarkson and the squad while acknowledging his own coping mechanisms. Despite giving up his position as a naturalized player to the NBA superstar, Brownlee maintains his support for the group’s goals at the 2018 FIBA World Cup.

Brownlee expressed his satisfaction and conveyed his excitement at JC Clarkson’s addition, highlighting the beneficial effect of such exceptional skill on the club. While playing in the World Cup alongside the Philippines would have been a personal goal, Brownlee noted that his attention is still on the program’s overarching objectives. He emphasized that the program’s value goes beyond individual objectives, highlighting the importance of the whole.

Justin Brownlee’s candidacy for the same position stood out in light of Jordan Clarkson’s evident potential as a naturalized player for the Philippines in the forthcoming World Cup due to his close relationship with the group.

Brownlee’s path to representing the Philippines began even before his application for naturalization in January. The three-time PBA Best Import has already been practicing with the national team, demonstrating his dedication to the cause. He has been a vital component of the Philippine basketball landscape since 2016.

A month after becoming a naturalized citizen, Brownlee showed his commitment by making his Asian Qualifiers debut for the Philippines. His talent was further displayed in May when he helped the squad win the gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Brownlee elevated his level of commitment by actively taking part in Gilas Pilipinas’ World Cup preparations. He participated in crucial practice sessions and tune-up games in Estonia and Lithuania when the squad traveled to Europe.

Brownlee’s career with the national team and his noteworthy performances surely made him an appealing candidate for the coveted naturalized player slot as the discussion surrounding the choice between Clarkson and Brownlee developed. His history of dedication and understanding of team dynamics are evidence of his potential contribution on the court during the forthcoming World Cup campaign.

On July 25, Clarkson formally agreed to represent the Philippines in the World Cup. Brownlee graciously accepted the situation and made room for the outstanding Utah Jazz player. Brownlee expressed appreciation for the chance to contribute to the team’s advancement and acknowledged the significance of maximizing the team’s potential. While relinquishing his position, Brownlee expressed his best wishes to the team and Clarkson, expressing his unwavering support for the team and his job.

As he anticipates upcoming competitions, Brownlee is still strong in his commitment to playing for the Philippines. In September, he competed at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, demonstrating his continuous commitment to wearing the national colors.

The Dominican Republic is the opponent for the Philippine team’s World Cup opener on August 25 on the magnificent platform of the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. Even in the midst of shifting circumstances, Brownlee’s upbeat approach and support for the team demonstrate his dedication to the goals of the country in terms of basketball.

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