The original system is still in use by the new Lady Tamaraws coach, and it is effective

Aug 22, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The Far Eastern Lady Tamaraws continue to play with Salak-like character despite only having Tina Salak as their head coach for one season before her call to immigrate to the United States.

The Lady Tamaraws’ interim coach Manolo Refugia will be the first to say that the Salak system is still in use and that the squad won’t be departing from it anytime soon when they compete in the V-League Collegiate Challenge.

Coach Tina still felt like she was with the squad even after she left, therefore it didn’t feel like she had left. The coach Tina we are familiar with who would call each and every one of us is still there, she constantly calls through video during practice, said Refugia, impersonating Salak.

Salak, one of the most well-known graduates of the Far Eastern school, abruptly resigned after coming up short in her attempt to lead the Lady Tamaraws to the UAAP Final Four in the most recent campaign. Her decision came after a protracted wait for her family’s immigration application to be granted.

Refugia envisions a future where the foundation laid by Salak is both improved upon and expanded upon, ensuring that the development of the existing system remains consistent with their goals. Refugia is motivated by a strong sense of continuity and advancement.

Refugia affirmed their strategy in the midst of the Lady Tamaraws’ resounding victory over the Mapua Lady Cardinals, marked by sets of 25-13, 25-18, and 25-15, stressing the consistency of their approach, “We’ll keep using the same system.” This commitment to improvement demonstrates their dedication to maintaining a winning recipe while embracing opportunities for optimization, Refugia remarked with a decisive tone, “We will continue it and add a few things to have a better result.”

The efficiency of the technique was demonstrated by Tin Ubaldo, a key component of the Lady Tamaraws’ dynamic gameplay, during their most recent performance. The team carried out plays under her direction, and the system’s effectiveness was tangibly felt on the floor. Refugia, though, thinks that this is merely the beginning. He said, referring to the unrealized potential that exists within their current framework, “There is a ton more to discover.”

place in the background of these tactical issues and has enormous potential for the team. Ubaldo’s developing confidence, which has a significant impact on her on-court play, is a result of her expanding knowledge and abilities. Refugia makes the assumption that Ubaldo’s increased self-awareness and her critical role in advancing the team’s goals are the causes of her newfound confidence.

Far Eastern University (FEU) has actively embraced the V-League as a venue to strengthen their system among these current changes. Their involvement in the league is a calculated decision to improve every aspect of their performance, which would help them maintain a competitive edge in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). This all-encompassing strategy demonstrates Refugia’s dedication to building a strong team that excels at working together as a unit.

The path is never static in the world of sports, and FEU’s strategy demonstrates a thorough comprehension of this fact. Refugia’s vision emphasizes the value of building on current strengths while keeping open to new prospects for growth. It is driven by a healthy blend of stability and innovation. The Lady Tamaraws’ future is lit by a strategic plan that prioritizes consistency, growth, and an unwavering pursuit of success in the UAAP and beyond.

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