The mighty Choco Mucho valiantly fights for Des Cheng

Nov 6, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – a bit down south, within the center of Sta. Rosa, the Choco Mucho Flying Titans committed to honoring their injured teammate Des Cheng through a heartfelt show of solidarity and resolve in the face of hardship. In the Premier Volleyball League Second All-Filipino The conference took place at the Sta. Ana last Thursday, the team started a new chapter without Cheng and took victory. It was their third straight victory. Rosa Field House.

The Flying Titans, who ultimately triumphed 25 to 21, 25 to 16, and 25 to 20, saw this as a pivotal moment. With another outstanding performance, the team’s star player, Sisi Rondina, kept leading the way. Rondina added 16 points in spite of Cheng’s absence from work with two blocks, one ace, and thirteen successful attacks. Ten outstanding explorers and 7 beneficial receptions added to her extraordinary abilities, solidifying her position as the team’s leader.

It was devastating for Des Cheng and her Choco Mucho colleagues when she suffered an ACL tear, which unexpectedly terminated her season. This injury happened in an earlier Antipolo match versus Cignal. Cheng, a former star player for La Salle, added skill and experience to the team’s squad, making him a valuable addition.

Choco Mucho, under the tenacious leadership of Sisi Rondina, showed incredible fortitude in the face of hardship. As the team’s motivator, Rondina stressed the value of communication, teamwork, and giving it your all for the sake of the group.

Undoubtedly, Cheng’s injury represented a major setback for the Choco Mucho team. The team had to work together to fill the vacuum she left behind. The cohesiveness and spirit of the team are tested during difficult times, such as when a vital player gets hurt. Throughout this difficult time, Rondina’s leadership and her teammates’ dedication to helping one another have been invaluable.

Although injuries are a part of the game, a team’s spirit and tenacity can be determined by how they handle setbacks. Choco Mucho’s ability to bounce back from setbacks is evidence of their dedication to their common objectives and the teamwork that keeps them moving forward. Even though Cheng is missed, the squad keeps working toward greatness and cohesion as they navigate the season’s challenges.

The Flying Titans, however, were not going to let Cheng’s injury dictate how they would play this season. Their tenacity in the judicial system was evidence of their commitment to her alongside their common objective. With 11 and 10 points, respectively, Caitlyn Viray and Bea De Leon were crucial in stepping up to take Cheng’s place. Regine Arocha improved the team’s performance with eight more points.

Through their unwavering devotion to one another and their shared love of the game, the Choco Mucho Taking Titans proved that they are members of a family rather than just a team. As they proceed with their Premier Volleyball League journey, their tenacity and willpower offer a motivating illustration of what can be accomplished when athletes band together to motivate and encourage one another through hardship.

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