The astounding comeback of Jasmine Nabor to Chery Tiggo

Oct 24, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Jasmine Nabor’s inspiring story is one of overcoming setbacks, and she credits her time at Foton in the previous season for her impressive performance as a returning member of Chery Tiggo in the 2023 Premier Volleyball League Second All-Filipino Conference.

Nabor demonstrated her extraordinary abilities as an aggressive playmaker in the midst of Chery Tiggo’s commanding a 25 to 14, 25 to 15, 25 to 21 triumph over the newcomer Galeries. She made a seven-point contribution, which included three blocks, two aces, and two successful attacks, along with 14 top-notch sets, earning her the coveted Player of the Game award and highlighting her comeback in the league.

Nabor has experienced her share of ups and downs on the way to this point, but her time with Foton was crucial to her development.

When Chery Tiggo’s management decided to start a new team, the Tornadoes, the decision to move to Foton was made. Nabor welcomed her new endeavor with her fellow players in the 2023 Invitational Conference. The team was eventually disbanded, and Nabor went back to Chery Tiggo, however their trip quickly ended when they came in 11th place out of 13 teams. 

Nabor recorded 15 superb sets and contributed three points, including two service aces, in the match against Farm Fresh on Tuesday. His performance was nothing short of remarkable. These exceptional efforts, together with the fact that she was named Player of the Game, have increased Nabor’s motivation to keep getting better as the conference goes on.

In the prior conference, Chery Tiggo’s head coach, Aaron Velez, who was formerly Foton’s team manager, provided an explanation for why Nabor transferred to the Tornadoes.

Jasmine Nabor’s path, from the setback of Foton’s dissolution to her comeback as a prominent figure for Chery Tiggo, stands as a monument to her undying energy, flexibility, and the priceless lessons she has learnt along the road.

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