Taka Minowa assumes leadership as Akari, Nxled’s Director of Volleyball Operations

Dec 31, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – As the Premier Volleyball League prepares for the 2024 season, Japanese head coach Taka Minowa will play a bigger part.

Minowa, who guided Nxled to a successful debut in the Second All-Filipino Conference, will now lead volleyball operations for both the Chargers and the Chameleons, according to a recent announcement from Akari.

“After an outstanding coaching debut in the Premier Volleyball League, Nxled Chameleons’ head coach Taka Minowa will now assume the role of Director of Volleyball Operations for both his squad and the Akari Chargers,” the organization said.

Beginning with the upcoming PVL season, Minowa will be in charge of managing the sibling teams’ volleyball programs. He will still be the Chameleons’ principal tactician, though.

As Nxled’s head coach, the spouse of Filipina volleyball player Jaja Santiago will stay in charge.

In addition, Akari disclosed that the squad will soon make public the identity of its interim head coach during the PVL’s press conference. The coaching staffs of Nxled and Akari will also welcome new assistant coaches.

“Moreover, an interim Chargers head coach will be announced soon, along with some new assistant coaches for Nxled and Akari,” said Akari.

With these adjustments, Akari management hopes that when the new PVL season begins in February of next year, the Chargers and Chameleons will move up the ladder and contend for a championship.

Jorge Souza de Brito, the head coach of the Chargers, announced his departure earlier this month. The Chargers finished their inaugural season with a 4-7 record in ninth place, while Akari finished the season-ending conference with a 5-6 record in seventh place.

For sister teams Nxled and Akari in the Premier Volleyball League, TAKA Minowa is expected to play multiple significant roles.

The Japanese coach will continue to lead the Chameleons before taking on the role of conference director for the second time, having been chosen director of volleyball operations for both Nxled and Akari.

“Even throughout this week, I haven’t gotten enough sleep because of pressure but I try to keep my smile because I always say to my players: ‘Don’t forget to smile,'” stated the mentor from NXLED.

He continued, “My body is still trembling, but I can’t wait to coach here (in the Philippines) because of my players and coaching staff.”

Even though he finds it difficult to express himself fully in English, Minowa emphasized that he and the entire NXLED team have worked along well, and this has resulted in a “good relationship.”

“Despite my poor English, they make an effort to comprehend me. Because of this, our friendship is strong, which is what matters most,” Minowa remarked.

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