Sisi Rondina anticipates the emergence of Choco Mucho

May 17, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – Under the loud chants and resounding clapping of the bustling Philippine volleyball stadium, there is a story of tenacity, resolve, and unflinching spirit that goes beyond the scoreboard.

The match between Choco Mucho and Creamline in the 2024 Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference was a story of elegance and grit, and that’s exactly what happened on the courts.

Titan in her own way Sisi Rondina had a minute to think as the last Choco Mucho huddle came to an end. Her eyes strayed to Creamline’s joyous festivities, a scene she was all too acquainted with.

Yet, her countenance was not one of defeat but of unyielding optimism, a belief that echoed through the hearts of her teammates and fans alike.

After losing to Creamline in the Finals the previous two times, Choco Mucho was eliminated.

However, Rondina was filled with pride at the heroic effort her crew had made and had no regrets. They had taken the reigning champions to the limit in a five-set thriller after holding a 2-1 lead in Game 2.

With the same fervor that drove every spike and dig, Rondina said, “I always tell them that every time they play, believe, trust, and win. So we just do it, we have no regrets because of course we gave our best.”

With the same fervor that drove every spike and dig, Rondina said, “I always tell them that every time they play, believe, trust, and win. So we just do it, we have no regrets because of course we gave our best.”

The former league MVP took comfort in the idea that every turn of events has a purpose as she thought back on the match. She knew they had given it their best and had pushed Creamline to the brink, so she held her head high regardless of the result.

Her eyes reflected the fury that raged inside her. “Everything that happens has a reason and you can see for yourself how we played the game earlier, Creamline didn’t give up easily,” she said.

Rondina encouraged her teammates to appreciate their trip and use it as fuel for their future aspirations, as another conference came to a conclusion with a silver medal. She recalled their beginnings and the struggles they had surmounted as they gazed forward to the Reinforced Conference.

“I just said in the dugout that we should not stop dreaming because it will come,” she said again, her voice full of optimism and resolve.

On the sideline: In the face of comparison, Kyle Negrito celebrates originality

As Creamline took on its toughest obstacles head-on in the 2024 Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference, Kyle Negrito persevered.

She became a representation of unyielding resolve as she overcame criticism and comparison to lead her team to a historic back-to-back championship triumph.

Constantly juxtaposed against the legendary Jia De Guzman, Negrito bore the weight of expectations with grace.

De Guzman’s departure to Japan’s V.League left a significant void, considering her unparalleled achievements, clinching the PVL Best Setter award a remarkable eight times.

Nevertheless, Negrito resisted letting her predecessor’s legacy dominate her. Rather, she forged her own route to success.

Negrito’s victory reverberated around the arena following the decisive victory over Choco Mucho on that fateful Sunday, which secured Creamline’s seventh title.

While she may not be De Guzman, she is motivated to succeed in her own manner, and she graciously recognized the parallels while emphasizing her devotion to achieving the team’s goals.

“That’s the first thing that people are looking for and Ate Jia and I, we always talk, and she also gives me great guidance,” Negrito said. “‘My team and coaches, Ate Jia, are not looking for me.”

In a moving display of self-assurance, Negrito accepted her uniqueness and acknowledged that she and De Guzman are two separate people who have each made a special contribution to the team’s history.

She won the PVL’s coveted Best Setter title for the second straight season as a result of her outstanding play, which is evidence of her everlasting commitment to the game and her skill on it.

Negrito conveyed her sincere gratitude for Creamline’s devoted followers’ persistent support.

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