Rondina wants to establish a relationship with Alba

Feb 29, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – Setting veteran Deanna Wong out with a persistent knee injury meant that Choco Mucho had a difficult start to their season.

On Tuesday night, the Flying Titans faced off against Petro Gazz in a fierce matchup, and during that game, rookie playmaker Mars Alba emerged as a valuable contribution.
Although Alba was the team’s playmaker, to begin with, head coach Dante Alinsunurin started with Wong in the uniform.

Choco Mucho secured victory with a scoreline of 24-26, 25-22, 25-18, 24-26, 15-13. Notably, Jia Morado Wong made impactful cameo appearances, injecting fresh perspectives and strategies that contributed to the team’s success. The dynamic match showcased the resilience and adaptability of Choco Mucho, particularly with Wong’s strategic interventions during critical moments.

Sisi Rondina, a standout player for the Flying Titans, expressed her satisfaction with the team’s performance and the growing camaraderie between her and Mars Alba. The match not only highlighted their collective effort but also emphasized the importance of developing strong connections within the team. Rondina’s leadership on the court, coupled with Alba’s emerging role as a dependable setter, contributed to the team’s overall success.

The victory underscored Choco Mucho’s ability to navigate challenging situations and capitalize on opportunities for growth. The teamwork exhibited during the match, with various players contributing to the win, showcased the team’s depth and versatility. As Choco Mucho looks ahead to future PVL All-Filipino Conference matches, the positive developments in team chemistry and strategic adaptability bode well for their continued success in the season.

The collaboration between Wong, Rondina, and Alba exemplifies the team’s commitment to fostering a cohesive and resilient unit. As they continue to face formidable opponents in the PVL, Choco Mucho’s ability to adapt, learn, and build on their successes will be crucial in their pursuit of championship glory. The recent victory serves as a testament to their collective strength and determination, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive season ahead.

In the face of sporadic misunderstandings and challenges within the team dynamic, Cherry Rondina, a key player for Choco Mucho, exhibited remarkable accountability and grace. Despite occasional hiccups, Rondina recognized that Mars Alba, a recent addition to the team, was still acclimating to the new environment. Instead of harboring resentment or frustration, Rondina offered her support and guidance to Alba, emphasizing a collaborative and understanding approach.

Rondina, who delivered an impressive performance with 24 points and 22 flawless receptions, shared her wisdom with Alba during crucial moments. She urged Alba not to be overly concerned if errors occurred, assuring her that the responsibility did not solely rest on her shoulders. This display of leadership and camaraderie illustrates Rondina’s commitment to fostering a positive team atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels supported and empowered.

Mars Alba’s journey with Choco Mucho commenced in January following the dissolution of F2 Logistics. In a victory against the Angels, Alba showcased her prowess by contributing 25 solid sets, displaying her skills as a reliable setter. This performance underscored the team’s potential, with five members of the Flying Titans scoring in double figures, highlighting a well-rounded offensive effort.

Rondina candidly acknowledged the learning curve that comes with integrating a new player into the team, emphasizing her own responsibility in facilitating a smooth transition. She recognized the importance of patience and mutual understanding, especially as Alba familiarized herself with the intricacies of Choco Mucho’s playing style and strategies.

Despite the challenges, Rondina observed a positive connection forming during their recent match, recognizing Alba’s proactive efforts to engage with the team. Alba, in turn, acknowledges the need to adapt to the team dynamic and understands the process of catching up, displaying humility and a willingness to learn.

A promising development for Choco Mucho is the emergence of Mars Alba as a dependable setter. As the team prepares for upcoming challenges in the PVL All-Filipino Conference, Alba’s growth in this crucial role provides hope and optimism for the Flying Titans. The collaborative spirit, accountability, and resilience displayed by both Rondina and Alba bode well for the team’s cohesion and success in the early stages of the season.

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