Rondina and Madayag help Choco Mucho win bronze at the VTV Cup

Aug 29, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Choco Mucho defeated Japan’s Kansai University in a nail-biting encounter at the 2023 VTV Cup third-place match at Lao Cai Gymnasium, winning in four tightly contested sets of 25-20, 23-25, 25-13, and 25-18. The Flying Titans’ outstanding performance in the fourth set distinguished them from their rivals and gave them the opportunity to win the bronze medal.

Choco Mucho improved their gameplay as the match neared its turning point. The squad displayed excellent defensive play while launching potent attacking attacks despite holding a tenuous 20-19 advantage. The relentless efforts of Kansai University, who had set their eyes on an upset, were foiled by this tactical change.

The Flying Titans achieved their first-ever podium finish in the history of their franchise when Caitlyn Viray started the crucial game-ending rally with a strong cross-court hit. Sisi Rondina then launched a powerful assault from an impromptu play.

This win was particularly significant since Choco Mucho’s success here not only cemented their claim to the bronze medal, but also provided proof of their ongoing greatness. Notably, Choco Mucho had already defeated Kansai University in the tournament’s first game, establishing their superiority in this matchup.

As the game went on, Kansai University made a vital offensive mistake that unintentionally benefited Choco Mucho, increasing the latter’s advantage to a comfortable 23-18. The turning point created the conditions for the game’s final stretch.

Isa Molde completed a thundering ace in a stunning display of talent and accuracy that not only highlighted her individual excellence but also considerably aided Choco Mucho’s momentum. The next action, a successful kill block by Cherry Nunag, had an equal impact. In this match, these combined efforts effectively signaled the end of the road for Kansai University, ending their season.

Choco Mucho was particularly proud of this victory because it not only earned him the bronze medal. Their players Maddie Madayag and Rondina also received praise for their outstanding performance throughout the competition. The distinctions of Best Outside Spiker and Best Middle Blocker went to Madayag and Rondina, respectively, for their outstanding abilities as middle blockers and outside spikers. These particular achievements highlighted Choco Mucho’s overall performance and victory in the competition and cemented their status as a major force in volleyball.

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