PVL allows free agents to join combination activities

Jun 20, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – All free agents are cordially invited by the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) to participate in the Combine events, which will be held at Gameville Ball Park in Sheridan, Mandaluyong, on June 25 and 26.

Free agents—players who participated in competitions during or after the 2021 season but do not presently have a contract—have a fantastic opportunity to show off their skills to league coaches and maybe land a deal at this event.

Free agents are not allowed to attend the July 8 Draft celebrations, but the Combine offers a valuable opportunity for uncontracted players to be scouted by PVL team coaches.

“This Combine serves as the second chance that many players are yearning for to get a team. It’s an opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills and dedication in front of the decision-makers of our league,” PVL Commissioner Sherwin Malonzo said, emphasizing the significance of the occasion.

It’s a chance for them to show off their abilities and commitment to our league’s decision-makers.

Free agents can register online at https://pvl.ph/freeagent in order to participate in the combine. Emails with application forms should be sent to [email protected].

Looking back: La Salle’s Gagate emerged as the inaugural PVL Rookie Draft champions.

Prominent UAAP players who want to become professionals will compete in the Premier Volleyball League’s (PVL) first Rookie Draft in July. Thea Gagate, a powerful player from De La Salle University and three-time UAAP Best Middle Blocker, is one of the notable contestants. She is leading this year’s PVL Rookie Draft class.

Several well-known La Salle athletes, including Gagate, have declared themselves eligible for the draft. Leila Cruz, Maicah Larroza, and La Salle team captain Julia Coronel are a few of these. Their participation demonstrates the breadth of talent making its way into the professional ranks this year.

Top collegiate players from other universities are also included in the draft. The official PVL roster lists Pierre Abellana of UST, Steph Bustrillo and Jewel Encarnacion of UP, Ishie Lalongisip of Adamson, Lucille Almonte, Karen Verdeflor, and Roma Mae Doromal of Ateneo as contenders.

47 of the 50 applications that were initially submitted have been accepted for the draft. An important milestone for the league, the first PVL Rookie Draft promises a wave of new talent and ushers in a new era of competitive professional volleyball.

Promised as two of the top draft choices along with Gagate, NU talents and MVP-caliber players Bella Belen and Alyssa Solomon were noticeably absent from the final roster, suggesting a potential return to the UAAP champion Lady Bulldogs for their respective third years.

The sequence of the draft selections for the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Rookie Draft will be decided by lottery on June 24. With a 40% chance of winning the first pick, Strong Group Athletics, the last club in the conference of twelve, has the greatest odds. Closely behind, Capital1 is up 30%, Galeries Tower is up 20%, and Farm Fresh is at 10%.

The draft order is set up to distribute club strengths around the league by giving the first choices to the teams with lower rankings. Based on the outcomes of the most recent All-Filipino conference, decisions will be made in the future. The conference champions Creamline and runners-up Choco Mucho will be the last two teams to be chosen in each round.

The June 25–26 Rookie Draft Combine is a crucial component of the draft process. It is required of all candidates to be present. This is a complete event that consists of scrimmages, medical exams, interviews, physical assessments, and athletic evaluations. Teams are guaranteed thorough insights into the physical and talent profiles of possible draftees thanks to these thorough exams.

For both the league and aspirant professionals, the PVL Rookie Draft is a crucial event. The quality of talent entering the draft is demonstrated by the presence of elite collegiate athletes like De La Salle University’s Thea Gagate, as well as her colleagues Leila Cruz, Maicah Larroza, and Julia Coronel. Outstanding athletes from other colleges are also expected to leave their imprint, including UST’s Pierre Abellana, UP’s Steph Bustrillo and Jewel Encarnacion, Adamson’s Lucille Almonte, UP’s Karen Verdeflor, and Ateneo’s Roma Mae Doromal.

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