Myla Pablo continues to be pleased with how F2’s Invitationals have performed

Jul 28, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The 2023 Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference semifinal match between F2 Logistics and the overseas team Kurashiki was tightly contested, and one absence had a big effect. The absence of Kianna Dy due to a right knee injury created a hole that the Cargo Movers struggled to fill, which ultimately contributed to their demise and elimination from the semis race.

F2 Logistics suffered a great deal as a result of Dy’s absence from the semifinal game, especially given that it was her second straight game missed. Kurashiki Ablaze presented a formidable opponent for the squad, who was defeated by them three times in a row with scores of 20 to 25, 22 to 25, and 20 to 25. Myla Pablo, a former league MVP who has sustained a number of injuries, fully appreciated how crucial it was for Dy to put her health first.

The team wisely decided without pressing the former De La Salle University star because they understood the importance of giving Dy the time he needed to heal. Even though the team missed her, they took comfort in knowing that Dy will make a strong comeback at the following conference.

F2 Logistics stated that Dy’s recuperation was of the utmost priority and that their athletes’ health comes first. They accepted the notion that the team would ultimately gain from her recovery. The opportunity for other players to stand up and demonstrate their abilities during Dy’s absence helped the team as a whole to mature and become more resilient.

F2 Logistics is still convinced that Dy’s comeback will be a strong force, enhancing their competitiveness and tenacity on the court as they prepare for the upcoming challenge. The squad excitedly anticipates her return since they know it will change the dynamic of the game and propel them to victory in upcoming competitions.

Particularly throughout the crucial parts of the game, Dy’s absence was felt. By utilizing this weakness, Kurashiki earned a spot in the championship game. Nevertheless, throughout the game, F2 Logistics showed outstanding tenacity and a battling spirit.

Ivy Lacsina, a former middle blocker who now plays as an open spiker, filled Dy’s positional hole in response to her absence. Due to Kurashiki’s tenacious defense, Lacsina’s meager contribution of two points was the result of his difficulties adjusting to the new position.

Myla Pablo once again demonstrated her tenacity and leadership by carrying the scoring load, scoring an incredible 12 points during the game despite the defeat and Dy’s absence. Together, they recognized the loss of Dy’s offensive ability and her contribution to keeping the court balanced.

The players maintained their unflinching dedication and commitment despite the setback, ready to put forth their best effort and battle for the team’s triumph. Although it was difficult to play without a vital player like Kianna Dy, it also gave the team a chance to show their adaptation and perseverance in the face of difficulties. The event demonstrated the group’s capacity to perform admirably under challenging circumstances and strengthened their togetherness as a team, enabling them to meet challenges head-on in the future.

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