Justine Dorog’s move to Farm Fresh as a full-time coach

Feb 2, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – A great turn of events, In a surprising turn of events, volleyball sensation Justine Dorog, at the youthful age of 25, has decided to hang up her playing jersey and embark on a new journey as a full-time coach. The announcement came on Wednesday, revealing that Dorog will be stepping into the coaching arena as an assistant coach under the guidance of Jerry Yee with the Farm Fresh franchise, commencing from the upcoming 2024 PVL season.

Hailing from Catmon, Cebu, Dorog has left an indelible mark on Philippine volleyball, showcasing her versatility as a spiker. Despite her relatively young age, she expressed a sense of fulfillment after having competed at the pinnacle of the sport across the nation. In a heartfelt statement, Dorog shared, “I think I’ve already done everything I wanted to accomplish as a player.” This sentiment reflects a mature and introspective decision to transition into a coaching role.

With a clear vision for her future, Dorog emphasized her commitment to coaching full-time. In addition to her role with the Farm Fresh coaching staff, she disclosed that she will be taking charge of a high school team, showcasing her dedication to nurturing the next generation of volleyball talents.

Dorog’s ties with Jerry Yee run deep, as she was one of Yee’s key recruits during his tenure as the head coach at the University of the Philippines starting in 2015. Her professional career saw her don the jerseys of Chery Tiggo and Gerflor before reuniting with Yee last season. Now, with a wealth of experience gained from both collegiate and professional levels, Dorog is poised to pass on her knowledge, skills, and passion for the game to the up-and-coming players of Farm Fresh.

This transition from player to coach marks a significant chapter in Dorog’s volleyball journey. As she takes on this new role, her impact is likely to extend beyond the court, influencing and shaping the futures of aspiring volleyball stars. Justine Dorog’s decision to embrace coaching at this stage in her career is not only a testament to her love for the sport but also a commendable commitment to contributing to its growth and development. The upcoming PVL season will not only witness the absence of Dorog as a player but also the emergence of a promising coach ready to make her mark in the dynamic world of Philippine volleyball.

“I’m very passionate about this. I love sharing everything I learned while playing. I’ll focus on this and watch the young ones shine from the sidelines,” Dorog declared.

The 5-foot-6 stalwart concludes her career as one of the most versatile and intelligent players of her generation. Though undersized for a middle blocker, Dorog used her superb timing, agility, and court vision to excel at the net and in floor defense.

After being recruited to UP by Yee, Dorog made an immediate impact and became a cornerstone for the Lady Maroons. She powered UP on surprise runs to the UAAP Final Four in 2016 and 2018, earning Best Blocker honors twice.

Dorog’s cerebral play and steadiness on the court drew the attention of the Creamline Cool Smashers, who signed her in 2019. She helped Creamline win back-to-back PVL Open Conference titles in 2019 and 2021 as a swing player capable of contributing at multiple positions.

The following year, Dorog joined forces with another legendary coach in Regine Diego at Choco Mucho. She provided valuable minutes as a backup middle, as the Flying Titans pulled off their own Cinderella run to the 2022 PVL Finals.

Dorog then reunited with mentor Yee at Petro Gazz in 2023, appearing in a reserve role while helping the Angels reach the semifinals. Her versatility, experience, and court IQ allowed her to shine despite limited minutes.

Now embarking on the next phase of her career, the volleyball wunderkind will quickly transition to mentoring the next generation. Dorog’s cerebral approach and deep understanding of the game make her an ideal coaching protégé for Yee on the Farm Fresh bench.

While her playing days ended earlier than expected, Dorog maximized her time on the court at the highest levels of Philippine volleyball. The sport will continue benefiting from her presence as she shifts focus to nurturing young talent. Just 25 years old, her coaching journey is just beginning, much like the foxies she will now lead.

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