Jonah Sabete’s unwavering approach inspires Brooke Van Sickle to excel

Mar 17, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – Thanks to the explosive combination of Jonah Sabete and Brooke Van Sickle, who both pack a mean punch, the Petro Gazz Angels are emerging as a formidable force in the 2024 Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference.

After four grueling games, it’s evident that Sabete has adapted to play the ideal supporting position to Filipino-American sensation Van Sickle.

Only days after their outstanding effort against PLDT, Angels won their second straight decisive match, defeating Akari in straight sets (25-21, 25-23, 25-17).

After this most recent victory, the Angels have a stellar record of 3-1 and are currently tied for second place in the PVL rankings with the High Speed Hitters. This accomplishment highlights their reliability and strong presence throughout the league.

XlVan Sickle, the game’s star performer, displayed her extraordinary skill on the court by scoring an astounding 24 points with 18 strong attacks, four aces, and two well-placed blocks. She became a more important player in the league because of her indisputable effect and flexibility.

Van Sickle’s accomplice in crime, Sabete, is also worthy of praise since she made contributions that were crucial to the Angels’ victory. With four outstanding receptions demonstrating her defensive skill and 12 points, Sabete once again demonstrated her value as a key member of the squad.

Throughout the whole game, Van Sickle and Sabete’s chemistry was evident; their flawless synchronization and support of one another elevated their group’s performance to new heights. Van Sickle in particular noted how much she respected Sabete’s aggressive style of play and how her teammate’s unwavering commitment is an inspiration.

The collaboration between these two exceptional players is evidence of the value of friendship and teamwork in succeeding on the volleyball court. Their willingness to support one another through difficult times and play to each other’s strengths exemplifies the genuine meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork.

The Angels’ most recent victory in the PVL is evidence of their ability, tenacity, and undying will to win as they continue their quest. Van Sickle and Sabete are leading the way, and the club is ready to go above and beyond any challenge to keep pushing for league greatness.

“Especially when it relates to Jonah, she’s fiery, right? She contributes her full attention at all times, and it’s exceptionally cool to be privileged to play opposite her,” Van Sickle said.

“Honestly, she just goes upward because smashes the ball so hard. It’s extremely motivating, which causes me to feel like, ‘Launch, maybe I ought to knock down the ball hard too.’ She obviously inspires me for certain and I am proud of all my teammates. Anyone is capable of reaching double-digit scoring each and every game; they’ve been fantastic players.”

A graduate of Bulacan State University, Sabete is committed to working hard and helping the team succeed.

She admits that, despite her strong performance, there is still room for development, especially in the same consistency of her strikes.

In order to become even more dependable as the season goes on, Sabete is resolved to tackle this issue head-on.

“Actually, when Brooke appeared, I reassured myself that I need to help, because that precisely has been happening to me in previous conferences—I’ve frequently been there to help,” said Sabete.

“My opponents also know that if I’ve been put in, I will step up and execute. So the primary objective for me is the stability in my attacks. Knowing what I’ve been concentrating on at the moment. Coach Koji has been encouraging me in training, encouraging me to grow.”

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