Jema Galanza maintains her optimism despite the difficult obstacles Creamline must overcome

Jul 19, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – In a nail-biting match at the 2023 Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference, the tenacious Akari team was nearly defeated by Creamline’s Cool Smashers in a four-set match to secure a perfect sweep of Group A. The Cool Smashers dropped their first set of the competition during the game, but Jema Galanza, the group’s past league MVP, is upbeat as they advance to the playoffs.

Creamline had dominated the pool play before coming face to face with Akari, losing just one set in the process. Through three straight victories, the group—supported by Rebisco—demonstrated their superiority. The Cool Smashers, on the other hand, were faced with a relentless challenge from Akari that eventually pushed them past their breaking point and gave them their first set loss of the competition.

Galanza shared her opinion on the difficult battle Creamline had to fight against Akari, a battle that she felt was crucial in helping Creamline win. In the round-robin semifinals, where they would play two international teams, she stressed the advantages of facing strong competition beforehand.

After winning in four sets, Galanza remarked, “The team’s tempo slowed down a little bit after this last game, but at least we were pushed prior entering the last four.” Perhaps we will address and improve upon all of the errors that we’ve committed, not just in the present match but also throughout our past games.

Galanza openly admitted that, despite winning, the Cool Smashers didn’t perform at their typical level of vigor and passion during the contest. She cleverly saw that after Akari’s impressive performance, their game slowed down noticeably, making it harder for them to rediscover their rhythm and fall into a solid groove.

Galanza’s services were essential in helping the squad win. She scored a game-high 16 points, showing off her great talent with 13 strong attacks and seven outstanding digs. Her outstanding performance surely contributed significantly to the team’s overall achievement, which was particularly highlighted by her victorious cross-court attack. 

Creamline has a perfect 4-0 record in the group stage and is the only unbeaten team in the league, giving them confidence and drive. The team’s abilities and overall strength are demonstrated by this outstanding accomplishment. Galanza, though, is pragmatic and grounded about the difficulties that the upcoming rounds would present. She understands that as competition heats up, the squad will need to advance and get better all the time.

Galanza stresses the significance of continual improvement and readiness as they face tougher competition in the following round of the competition. Galanza and the Cool Smashers are prepared to take on the future obstacles with resiliency and dedication in an effort to keep their undefeated streak alive and achieve additional success in the competition. They have an unrelenting commitment to progress and an appreciation of the necessity for continual improvement.

“We’ll be working on that in the next few days while we await the semifinals. We actually need to improve everything because as a team, we’re not perfect. Maybe it’s also about getting our rapport with one another right due to the fact that we really have no idea who we’ll be facing during the semifinals,” she said in a statement.

The Cool Smashers’ followers excitedly await more exhilarating and action-packed performances as they advance to the playoffs. 

In the following rounds, Creamline will surely still be a force that must be reckoned with thanks to Galanza spearheading the offensive and the team’s commitment to getting stronger.

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