In Game 1, Almadro ensures that Petro Gazz’s efforts were worthwhile

Mar 29, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The Petro Gazz Angels and the Creamline Cool Smashers’ crucial exchange in Game One of the 2023 Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference finals marked a turning point.

The game was tied at 24 all after a strong cross-court attack from Tots Carlos that ignited a 3 to 0 run that was finished off by back-to-back hits from Jema Galanza. Then, MJ Phillips made a rapid attack to give the Angels the lead once more. The Cool Smashers, however, did not give up without a fight.

Jia De Guzman and Celine Domingo successfully stopped Grethcel Soltones’ attempt to end the contest with an attack. Oliver Almadro, the head coach of Petro Gazz, yelled out for a net touch challenge mid-rally in the heat of the moment. It was successful, as De Guzman was assessed a penalty for a net violation, which ended the game.

“I called it immediately, the challenge, knowing that nothing would be lost, and I simply relied on the Lord to confirm that it was a net touch. After the victory, Almadro stated, “That was the vision. I knew my guys fought hard to execute that attack, and I would not let them lose the points they earned.

Almadro was pleased with the victory but realized that it might happen again in the future. As a result, he hopes that his side won’t rely on the challenge system to win the following match.

We’ll analyze the circumstance, and in the end, we’ll realize that it might occur again and that we shouldn’t rely on the challenge. He continued, “The Lord gave us that point, and it’s a break.

Almadro admitted during the game that the Creamline Cool Smashers continue to be the league’s “Goliath.” He still believes that his group can be the “David” that slays the Goliath.

Because they are a powerful team, it is crucial that we are ready. They are this competition’s Goliath, and all we can do is pray to the Lord to allow us to be his David. That is the only goal we have for this competition, Almadro remarked.

For the Petro Gazz Angels, who had been searching for their first-ever victory over the Cool Smashers for almost four years, the triumph was a critical turning point. The Angels will attempt to capitalize on this momentum going into Game Two and to end their quest for the All-Filipino Conference by doing so.

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