In Choco Mucho, Madayag takes on a leadership position

Feb 21, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – The decision by former Fighting Titan captain De Leon to sign with Creamline has created the conditions for the eagerly awaited match between the two outstanding athletes, scheduled for April 18 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum.

With De Leon’s departure, Jaja Madayag stepped up to lead Choco Mucho as the team’s captain, embracing the new role with enthusiasm. However, her excitement is tinged with a unique emotional aspect as she anticipates facing her longtime friend on the PVL floor. The prospect of competing against someone she has shared countless moments with on the same side of the net adds a layer of complexity to the upcoming match.

Reflecting on the years spent collaborating with De Leon, Madayag acknowledged the profound impact of their shared journey. The camaraderie, teamwork, and mutual understanding developed over the seasons have created a bond that transcends the boundaries of the volleyball court. Madayag expressed the sentiment that playing against De Leon would be different, given the history and connection they share.

“I have always stated that since we have spent so much time together on one court throughout the years, the feeling will be different. Thus, it will be unusual to play against her,” Madayag remarked, underlining the emotional significance of the impending match. The clash between the two friends turned rivals becomes not only a showcase of athletic prowess but also a testament to the deep relationships forged in the world of competitive sports.

As the match unfolds, the dynamic between Madayag and De Leon will be closely observed, providing fans with an emotional and riveting storyline. Their encounter on the PVL floor transcends the competition, offering a glimpse into the enduring bonds that connect athletes beyond the game itself.

Playing for Coach Sherwin Meneses and adjusting to the unique team culture at Creamline, Madayag is fascinated by the transformations De Leon has seen. Both players are eager for the collision of systems and cultures to occur on the court, and the excitement is evident.

After De Leon, a personal friend and team leader, left, Madayag decided to take up the role of mentor for Choco Mucho. Her unwavering personal objective for the conference is to lead by example and assist the Flying Titans in winning the coveted championship they so desperately want.

Choco Mucho faced significant challenges during the off-season with the departure of key players such as De Leon, seasoned libero Denden Lazaro-Revilla, and veteran spiker Caitlyn Viray. Despite these setbacks, the team has successfully navigated the transition by making strategic additions to its roster. The acquisition of players like Royse Tubino, Mean Mendrez, Bia General, and Mars Alba demonstrates the team’s commitment to maintaining competitiveness.

Guided by the experienced hand of coach Dante Alinsunurin, Jaja Madayag, a pivotal player for Choco Mucho, shed light on the team’s adaptation process. The existing players play a crucial role in supporting and guiding the newcomers, fostering a cohesive team dynamic. The emphasis is on patience and understanding as the new members gradually integrate into the team’s playing style and strategies.

Madayag acknowledged that being relatively new additions, the players are still adjusting to the team’s system. The learning curve is a shared experience, and the team is navigating it with patience and a collaborative spirit. Madayag highlighted the importance of this process, drawing parallels to their own learning curve from the previous year. The team’s unity and commitment to mutual growth are integral elements in ensuring a seamless transition for everyone involved.

Looking ahead to the PVL 2024 season, anticipation is building for an exciting on-court match between Madayag and De Leon. The clash between these two talented players adds another layer of intrigue to Choco Mucho’s pursuit of championship glory. The team’s resilience and Madayag’s leadership will be captivating storylines throughout this anticipated season, showcasing their ability to adapt and overcome challenges in their quest for success. As the titanic battle on the court unfolds, Choco Mucho’s journey promises to be a compelling narrative in the world of volleyball.

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