HOT IN THE PVL 2023: Nxled welcomes Kamille Cal

Sep 13, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – In the world of athletics, choices frequently depend on opportunity and timing.

The 22-year-old playmaker from the University of the Philippines (UP) must now say goodbye to her undergraduate career and enter the professional world with the brand-new Premier Volleyball League (PVL) team, Nxled.

Kamille’s journey has been characterized by perseverance and determination. She had already finished her residency at UP, but the difficulties she had with the Fighting Maroons volleyball team led her to decide to turn pro. Kamille experienced the effects of the team’s dramatic restructuring firsthand.

In the midst of it all, Cal admitted, “I was already feeling frustrated because 3 months of no training can significantly impact an athlete’s progress. It was really a challenging time for everyone, and training was postponed for about 3 months.”

In the middle of these disappointments, Kamille was forced to make a decision. She had to carefully analyze her options while also taking her potential for career advancement into account. She made the decision to embark on the next phase of her volleyball career after being drawn in by the attraction of the PVL.

It has been interesting to follow Kamille’s volleyball career at the collegiate level. Prior to transferring to UP, she started her academic career at National University (NU), where she played for the Bulldogs for a season. She put in a lot of effort and attention during her time at UP, but ultimately, the winds of change carried her in the direction of the professional leagues.

Kamille is now surrounded by great teammates, including Dani Ravena, Cams Victoria, Lycha Ebon, Krich Macaslang, Chiara Permentilla, Rachel Jorvina, and Jho Maraguinot, as she dons the Nxled shirt. They get together to make a powerful team that is prepared to face the difficulties of playing professional volleyball in the PVL.

There is no denying Kamille’s enthusiasm for the voyage to come. She understands that competing at the professional level will improve her performance and encourage her to set new records. I’ll be competing against established teams and renowned athletes, and that fact excites me because I know it will motivate me to become even better, she cried. “The higher the level, the bigger the chance to grow.”

Prior to transitioning to the professional ranks, Kamille participated in ASEAN leagues with other university players and garnered significant experience. She had a restricted amount of playing time, but she was still motivated by the excellent volleyball she saw. Her yearning for bigger prospects was sparked by this encounter, which finally brought her to the PVL.

Kamille also recently inked a talent contract with Virtual Playground. She gives the agency credit for giving her the direction and assistance she needed to choose a career. Their proficiency in player management and contract negotiations has been crucial to her progress.

The youthful playmaker Kamille Cal is starting her professional volleyball career with Nxled and is poised to have a bright future. Her commitment, talent, and desire for improvement are evidence of her resolve to leave her mark on the volleyball world. Kamille is prepared to meet the obstacles head-on since she is passionate about the game and has an unrelenting dedication to perfection.

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