Gorayeb eyes experts for Capital1’s inaugural PVL venture

Feb 2, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – Capital1 Solar Energy head coach Roger Gorayeb is bringing in veteran players to help kickstart the Power Spikers’ inaugural Premier Volleyball League (PVL) campaign.

Former F2 Logistics opposite spiker Rovie Drexler Instrella, ex-Petro Gazz open spiker Heather Guino-o, and Jannine Navarro from Nxled headlined the initial signees together with Gorayeb’s former players Aiko Urdas and Jorelle Singh.

The multi-titled mentor revealed that he is still trimming down his pool of 23 players to the maximum roster size of 20. He will conduct the team’s first training session on Monday.
“First, I’m looking for those with experience because this is so sudden,” said Gorayeb, who is making his PVL return after two years away.

“It’s different compared to really young players who are fresh. It’s rushed. So I included Aiko [Urdas], and Jorelle [Singh], they have experience,” he added.

Despite the tight timeline, the San Sebastian College head coach is confident Capital1 can form a decent squad in time for the 2024 PVL Open Conference opening in February.

Roger Gorayeb, is gearing up for a new challenge as he takes the helm of the newly-formed Power Spikers in their inaugural venture into professional volleyball. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Gorayeb is optimistic about molding a competitive team despite the tight schedule and limited preparation time.

In an interview, Gorayeb expressed his initial plans for the team, indicating that he and Hollie Reyes, his assistant coach, already have an idea for the first six players. Emphasizing the importance of experience, Gorayeb aims to leverage his extensive coaching background to assemble a well-experienced starting lineup. He acknowledged the uniqueness of the situation, with the team being entirely new and having only three weeks before the start of the games, with training set to commence on Monday.

While maintaining a pragmatic outlook, Gorayeb made it clear that he didn’t want the Power Spikers to land at the bottom of the standings. He recognizes the challenges of building a new team from scratch but remains steadfast in his belief that learning on experience can make a significant difference. The coach, known for his strict training methods, is poised to instill discipline and focus within the team as they navigate their first season in the professional volleyball landscape.

Gorayeb drew parallels from his successful coaching stints with Ateneo in the UAAP and BaliPure in the PVL, where he faced similar challenges of building competitive teams. Reflecting on his time with Ateneo, where he started with only five players, Gorayeb highlighted how the team eventually flourished, showcasing the potential for success even in seemingly challenging situations. He also cited BaliPure’s journey in the PVL, where he assembled a team of players from Baste and led them to the finals in their first year, eventually winning the championship in the All-Filipino Conference.

As he embarks on this new chapter with the Power Spikers, Gorayeb is poised to carry the valuable experiences gained from his coaching career. His reputation for strict yet effective training methods, coupled with a track record of success, sets the tone for the team’s pursuit of excellence. With a pragmatic approach and a focus on leveraging experience, Gorayeb aims to guide the Power Spikers to a competitive standing in their inaugural season in the PVL.

At 67 years old, the master tactician’s hunger for success remains strong as he takes on a new challenge. Given time to mold his squad, don’t count out the wily coach from pulling off surprises with the upstart Capital1 franchise.

Relying on veterans like Instrella, Guino-o, and Navarro should allow the team to be competitive immediately. Their experience playing at a high level will be invaluable in guiding the younger players making the jump to the pros.

Of course, Gorayeb will put them through the wringer in training to get Capital1 to match the level of established PVL squads. Instilling his trademark discipline and defensive focus will be key. If Gorayeb can shape Capital1 into a cohesive unit quickly, its maiden campaign could exceed expectations.

With a brilliant volleyball mind like Gorayeb at the helm, Capital 1 will be an intriguing team to watch in the 2024 PVL Open Conference. Never one to back down from a challenge, the multi-titled coach will get the most out of his squad. While a championship might be too lofty a goal this early, Count on Gorayeb to have his players ready to compete and lay the groundwork for future success.

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