Dlsu Staff Unable to Join F2 Led to Drawing From PVL

Jul 20, 2022

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F2 Logistics is set to take its second leave of absence from the Premier Volleyball League.

The Cargo Movers announced that they are set to skip the upcoming Invitational Conference, which begins on July 9, Thursday night.

“As the next Premier Volleyball League is set to commence this July 92022, we have decided not to participate in this said Invitational Conference due to tight schedules from our end,” opened F2 Logistics’ statement.

According to the statement, the team’s coaches headed by Ramil De Jesus, who came off a silver medal finish with De La Salle University in the UAAP Season 84 women’s volleyball tournament, need more time to ‘immerse themselves with the team.

His entire staff, led by Benson Bocboc, was also with him.

“As you are aware, all of our coaches were also part of the recently concluded UAAP league and we respect their commitment to that. This makes it a little difficult for us, as our coaches need more time to immerse themselves with the team again,” the statement continued.

“Because of strict bubble protocols which are all necessary, merging players and coaches was more than challenging for us.”

Last year, the team also skipped the PVL Open Conference in Ilocos Norte.

F2 Logistics, without De Jesus, then finally made their much-awaited appearance in the 2022 Open Conference last March.

There, the team struggled to find its footing and finished the group stage with a 2-2 standing — good for third place in the stacked Group A.

The Cargo Movers lost to eventual grand finalist Petro Gazz in the quarterfinals in just four sets before losing a five-setter against PLDT in the classification round which put them at sixth place.

Come the Reinforced Conference, they vow to put up a better fight.

“We wish to be a better and stronger team compared to the last time we played in the PVL. More than just participating, we play to achieve excellence. For now, we are not ready yet and everyone who supports us deserves more from us,” the statement read.

“We will take this time to continuously prepare and simultaneously recover from resurfaced and new injuries. We will come back stronger. With this, we hope for the success of this conference and the safety of all teams participating.”

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