Cignal rejoins the fray and whips Strong Group

Mar 20, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – With scores of 25-7, 25-16, and 25-16, Cignal easily defeated Strong Group in an exhibition of overwhelming domination.

Ces Molina became an important member of the HD Spikers, motivated by the desire to win back after a recent loss to the undefeated Choco Mucho Flying Titans. Molina demonstrated her offensive ability by scoring 14 points to help her side win, including a string of potent hits in the third game that basically put an end to any aspirations the Athletics had of mounting a comeback. Despite the Athletics’ best efforts, which resulted in four tie games during the contest, Cignal eventually prevailed and earned the win.

After Molina led Cignal to a commanding lead with a string of strong hits, the Athletics were having trouble keeping up. A late-inning rally by the Athletics proved insufficient to stop Molina’s unrelenting offensive barrage.

In its first appearance throughout the season-opening conference of the basketball league run by Sports Vision, Cignal thus equaled Petro Gazz alongside Creamline at 4 to 1 for second place in the standings behind Choco Mucho’s 4 to 0 card. It also extended Strong Group’s losing streak to five games.

By restricting their opponents’ scoring possibilities and capitalizing on their offensive advantage, the HD Spikers limited the Athletics’ opportunities to score. Their disciplined play throughout the match was particularly noticeable in the first set.

Vanie Gandler scored 16 points, despite only managing four marks against the Flying Titans. Riri Meneses and Roselyn Doria contributed eight and seven points, respectively, to Cignal’s total of 47 attack points, which was far more than Strong Group’s pitiful 17 attack points total.

Sheeka Espinosa led the Athletics with eight points, while Joy Onofre, Dolly Verzosa, Justine Rebleza, and Souzan Raslan together scored fifteen points.

Ahead of a tough encounter against Creamline on Tuesday, Cayuna emphasized the significance of honing every facet of their game.

Straight from Sta. The triumphant voyage of Kungfu Reyes from Rosa to QC

Kungfu Reyes saw March 16 as more than just a date on the calendar; it was a day of amazing victories and surprising twists, where hardship turned into success and anxiety into joy.

The women’s team from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the UAAP and Chery Tiggo in the PVL had a hurdle before the day began. Both teams had important games scheduled at far-off locations.

The task was difficult for Chery Tiggo: she had to take against Creamline, the reigning champion, around the Santa Rosa Sports Complex in Laguna at 2:00 pm

The UST Golden Tigresses faced Adamson University in the SMART Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City at 4 p.m. with the goal of preserving their perfect record.

It appeared impossible to overcome this logistical nightmare, but luck had Reyes covered when a technical issue at the UAAP games delayed the start time and gave him a chance to recover.

At light of this unanticipated postponement, Reyes acted quickly to turn the tide for his Chery Tiggo club, halting their 19-game winning streak and winning a vital game at Santa Rosa.

While everything was going on, a marathon of exciting matches took place at the UAAP games in the center of Quezon City. The UST Golden Tigresses overcame Adamson University in a fiercely contested match that went into the evening hours, despite the delay, intending to continue their winning streak.

Thanks to the unanticipated gift of time and the outstanding work of his teams, Reyes successfully planned a faultless day despite long distances, tactical meetings, and tense moments.

Finally, what started out as a logistical nightmare turned into Kungfu Reyes’s triumphant victory and the perfect symphony of sportsmanship.

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