Chery Tiggo is tied at the wheel while Petro Gazz outperforms Gerflor

Oct 24, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Petro Gazz defeated the late-charging Gerflor team in the Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference here on Saturday, winning 25 to 11, 25 to 4, and 25 to 23. This was Petro Gazz’s second straight victory on the road, but it wasn’t without its nervous moments.

The Defenders battled over several occasions of six-point problems in the third frame to show the last at 11 to 17, to draw different levels at 22 on Lhara Clavano’s two immediate hits, much to the delight that was the compacted gathering at the Batangas City Recreational activities Center. Nicole Tiamzon slammed in back-to-back crosscourt attempts at the finale to frustrate the Defenders.

After the subsequent play, when Marian Buitre was called for a wide crosscourt hit, Gerflor even seemed to have taken the lead. Before Tiamzon delivered those bombs that followed a Buitre service error, the Angels challenged the call and prevailed in the ensuing challenge, restoring the lead.

After holding the Defenders to a meager four points in the second set—the second-lowest total in league history—the Angels managed to win the third set. In the PVL bubble in Ilocos Norte in 2021, Creamline held BaliPure to just three points, likewise in the second set.

One player in particular, Djanel Cheng, produced an 11-outstanding set performance. Her exceptional playmaking resulted in simple hits for the team’s wing spikers while largely keeping Gerflor’s net defense off balance.

The Angels’ top players in this game were Buitre and Tiamzon. Their eight points put them on par with the early leaders, the Chery Tiggo Crossovers, and considerably improved the team’s performance. It is clear that these individuals were essential in helping the Angels secure victories given that both teams have an amazing record of sweeping the Galeries Tower Highrisers twice.

Throughout her two sets, Buitre showed off her skills with six strong smashes and two significant blocks. She demonstrated her flexibility as an offensive and defensive player during her explosive on-court performance. However, Tiamzon, who sat out the first game, made a significant comeback by recording six offensive points and two aces. Her contributions improved the team’s performance as a whole.

Grethcel Soltones and Ranya Musa, who both contributed seven points, were crucial to the success of the Angels. Their reliable scoring ability gave the team’s attempts more steadiness. The Angels’ balanced offense was furthered by the six points each that Jonah Sabete and Remy Palma delivered.

The Angels will have another chance to show off their skills and extend their winning streak when they take on the Nxled Chameleons in a PVL on Tour game on October 28 in Ilocos Sur. The Angels are in good shape for an intriguing season thanks to a talented pool of players who can excel in a variety of situations.

It was a difficult game for the Defenders because they had trouble scoring and had to rely on individual efforts. Menchie Tubiera delivered five points, and Grace Berte managed to score six. The Defenders faced a difficult challenge in spite of their contributions, and they finished the game with a record of 0–2. They presently tie with the Farm Fresh Foxies for last place in the standings.

This game emphasized the value of cooperation among teammates and the potential for individual players to have a big impact. The Angels’ value in Buitre and Tiamzon was highlighted by their exceptional performance, while the Defenders struggled to develop a more balanced strategy for their gameplay. Each team will continue to change and adapt as the league develops, providing for a thrilling and unpredictable season.

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