Chery Tiggo criticizes Gerflor for securing a second straight victory

Jul 18, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – In the Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference at the Philsports Arena in Pasig, Chery Tiggo put up a tremendous effort, overcoming their prior setback to defeat newcomer Gerflor with ease. The Crossovers managed to rediscover their rhythm and chemistry after a rocky start to the game, which allowed them to seize control and win the match.

Chery Tiggo demonstrated tenacity and leadership on both ends of the court, led by the excellent performance of Mylene Paat, who scored 15 points by making 10 successful attacks, four blocks, and an ace. With seven points each, Ponggay Gaston, EJ Laure, and Cza Carandang made significant additions, and newcomers Imee Hernandez and Eya Laure supported the team with six and three points, respectively.

Despite suffering two straight defeats, Gerflor showed bright promise thanks to notable efforts from Ly Bertolano and Ethan Arce. Bertolano demonstrated her talent and influence on the game by matching Mylene Paat’s remarkable 15-point total with her own contribution of 12 attack points and two kill blocks. However, Gerflor encountered difficulties since they lacked crucial teamwork, which made it challenging for them to defeat their adversaries. Despite the losses, Bertolano and Arce’s efforts give Gerflor hope for their next games as they pursue tournament victory.

Chery Tiggo easily won the opening two sets, establishing their early dominance. They improved even more in the third set, taking a commanding 7-4 lead because to Paat’s outstanding denial. Chery Tiggo answered with an amazing 5-0 run, extending the lead to 14-8, despite Gerflor’s attempt at a comeback that cut the advantage to one point at 8-9. With just two points left in the third set, Paat’s off-the-block kill sparked a quick 3-0 run and gave her team a comfortable 20-15 lead.

Alyssa Bertolano put up a good performance for Gerflor, scoring 15 points, but her teammates’ lack of cooperation caused the squad as a whole to only score seven points overall. Although Bertolano’s individual performance demonstrated her abilities and tenacity, it was unable to tip the scales in Gerflor’s favor.

After a closely fought 13-12 result in the second set, Chery Tiggo maintained their lead with an excellent 6-0 run. To increase their lead to 19-12, Mylene Paat’s well-timed block and EJ Laure’s potent backrow hit were crucial. They were able to control the set thanks to Chery Tiggo’s dependable play, and they eventually won convincingly 25-20. This victory demonstrated Chery Tiggo’s strength and competence on the court and gave them a dominating 2-0 lead in the contest.

With the victory, Chery Tiggo increased their Pool A record to 2-1, demonstrating their capacity to recover from earlier losses. Gerflor, on the other hand, was let down as they fell to 0-2 in the same group. In addition to giving them the victory, Chery Tiggo’s outstanding performance gave them motivation for their remaining competition matches. Their perseverance and tenacity will surely influence how they play in the future as they try to win more games in the Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference.

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