Ced Domingo is scheduled to perform abroad

Oct 20, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – outstanding middle blocker Ced Domingo, a member of the Creamline Cool Smashers, will join a foreign team, just like Jia De Guzman, the squad’s other outstanding middle blocker, it was announced on Wednesday.

The management of Creamline acknowledged their delight and excitement at having taken Ceddie’s request into consideration and granted it, reiterating their dedication to her athletic development. This choice encourages her pursuit of personal objectives, despite having an influence on the team’s prospects of winning the championship.

Ced Domingo has been essential to the Cool Smashers’ accomplishments, helping them win four PVL championships in the past five years. She has also become one of the best middle blockers in the Philippines, winning the Best Middle Blocker award in 2023 and the Finals MVP award in 2022’s Invitational Conference.

Recognizing the rarity of such possibilities, Creamline guarantees Ceddie’s opportunity to explore and experience foreign volleyball to the fullest, convinced that this experience will greatly aid in her development.

More information on Domingo’s forthcoming abroad assignment will be released by her agency, Virtual Playground. Creamline sends its sincere congratulations to her on her new project and acknowledges that they will miss her presence on the team.

A recent victory was missed by Ced Domingo due to a dental operation. Creamline encourages her to pursue her aspirations and believes that this chance would bring her happiness, success, and personal growth.

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